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Enzen: Accelerating performance of utilities through business model excellence

Water and energy should be accessible, affordable and sustainable for all. That was the mission of Enzen, a global knowledge enterprise of the energy and water industries.

Sabrina Bohr Sabrina Bohr

The mission, however, came with its challenges – how to drive cost down and efficiency up. To address the challenges, Enzen sought to improve its business model across six dimensions – process, data, digital, operations, KPIs and capabilities.

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Here’s what Enzen did with the power of ARIS Advanced

Centralization was key as other approaches fell short. Combining multiple platforms and repository types didn’t work. Some solutions depended too much on local hosting when Enzen wanted to go global.

Portability was a must-have. If that wasn’t easy, the solution wasn’t feasible. Enzen certainly didn’t want to waste resources manually exporting processes in the BPMN 2.0 format. Enter: ARIS, in more ways than one.

Best of all, the end-to-end export process didn’t just accelerate – it optimized, too. That led to fewer errors, less interoperability issues and happier clients.

What Enzen has done for its clients as a result

Recently Enzen managed to transform business processes for greater efficiency and cost control for a UK-based water company. With Enzen’s IP ready to go along with ARIS templates for best practices and a blueprint geared for success, operations ran faster than ever before.

What’s next for Enzen?

Powering international growth and community engagement: think smart cities and infrastructures. Since Enzen has always been about sustainability, it’s only natural to aim for the future.

“Sustainability is a very important focus for us. If you look at the IP we have built for clients, like carbon footprinting and carbon accounting, these are vitally important for our water and electricity companies, and others in the energy sector. The processes we’ve built on ARIS, our solution, has our customers looking at sustainability in a big way.”

Harsha Anand, Chief Evangelist of the Enzen Group

Enzen’s thinking of a KPI tree on top of sustainability goals, plus community participation, which its clients value highly. With the input from community stakeholders, regulators would get a more optimized view of how utilities perform. The big gain? Not only offering increased accessibility, affordability and sustainability – but empowering others to provide the same where it’s needed.