Five reasons why you need iPaaS

iPaaS: Fast to adopt, easy to use, great for integrating APIS, partners and end users. What’s not to love?

David Overos David Overos

Tidal waves of technology innovation are not only disrupting markets but also threaten to swamp users with TMI – too much information. Sometimes what they need is some simple advice.

Here it is: You have to integrate to innovate. Companies need to be able to innovate quickly to keep pace with or even outpace their more agile competitors.

How? Integration technology; it is possibly the best enabler for quickly adopting the latest technologies. And the biggest trend in the integration market is the adoption of Integration Platforms as a Service – iPaaS.

Why? Simply put, iPaaS is a cloud-hosted integration service that helps you gain all of the benefits of the cloud including financial savings.

So, what’s the big deal about iPaaS?

  1. Fast adoption. Integration is an engine for innovative growth and iPaaS is the leading component to make the rapid adoption of digital initiatives possible. That’s because iPaaS helps connect to and unlock all of the applications and other data sources that house the core systems of record for any company, making it possible to quickly build new logic as a layer – on top of existing investments.
  2. Ease of use. With iPaaS, both technical and business users will be able to innovate. With the ever-increasing volume of digital projects, traditional IT groups cannot afford to be bottlenecks for innovative business initiatives. Make sure your iPaaS vendor can support a wide variety of users with varied skill sets, and can support the democratization of development using a DIY approach.
  3. API fluency. APIs are the standard way of connecting systems today, from cloud and mobile to back-end applications. With iPaaS, companies can combine the rapid development and deployment of APIs to power mobile and web applications, safely and securely, reusing data and services from existing applications. Being able to seamlessly configure and deploy APIs from an iPaaS is essential for project success.
  4. Partner programs. To increase revenues and grow your business, you want to stand out and provide the best possible interactions for your customers and B2B partners. iPaaS allows your ecosystem to thrive and generates growth by creating new revenue channels.
  5. Embedded Integration. Integrations between applications are often invisible to the end users, but not to the application developers. With more capabilities being delivered in the cloud, it’s essential to tie cloud applications to third-party apps and data in a seamless way. That’s where embedded integration becomes so important, providing a way for vendors to embed pre-built integrations directly into their products so their end users don’t have to do the work of integrating on their own.

Fast to adopt, easy to use, great for integrating APIS, partners and end users. What’s not to love? is Software AG’s cloud-hosted enterprise iPaaS. You should take a look to see what it can do for your organization.