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It’s Awards Season, and We’re a 3x Winner on G2’s Best Software for 2024 Awards List

The users have spoken! We’re delighted to have three more G2 awards — not because we love badges but because we love our customers. (But let’s be honest — we love badges, too.)

Tony Sheehan Tony Sheehan

The awards season is upon us. And while we’re as upset as anyone that Barbie’s Greta Gerwig wasn’t nominated for Best Director, we’re focused on the recent G2 announcements. (A G2 award is the “G” in an EGOT, right? Right?) 

If software awards were like entertainment awards, a G2 badge is like a “People’s Choice.” In the academy of public opinion, Software AG and our products came home with three G2 badges. While they are additional bling to add to our homepage and social profiles, they more importantly represent a big thumbs up from our customers. That’s what matters the most to us, and here’s why.

Why User Reviews Matter

At Software AG, we’re all about making sure our tools don’t just exist in a vacuum. We want them to solve real problems, to make your workday a bit smoother, and to be the solutions you actually look forward to using. That’s why getting recognized by G2 feels special. It’s based on actual experiences and genuine reviews from folks who use our software day in and day out. 

While we love what analysts say about us (seriously, we love love love love love what analysts say), our customers are those who know us the best — and who benefit from using our products. We are more than mildly obsessed with the customer experience, and it’s nice to see that it’s paying off.

And the Winners are…

Our products are climbing the ranks in many of the G2 lists. This year, we have received top accolades in the following three categories:

Top IT Infrastructure Products

The competition this year in the IT Infrastructure category was fierce. An IT Infrastructure will run dry without the right data, running through the right pipelines, to the right places, at the right times. Software AG helps our customers make that happen. 

With a “user-friendly interface and intuitive design” (according Nimisha P., a mid-market data analyst) that helps “effortlessly design, monitor, and manage data pipelines” (according to Mili M., a senior systems analyst), our data integration solution is “well suited for real-time data streaming scenarios” (according to Rohit S., a software developer) and boasts a “support team [that] is also excellent” (according to Mohammed I.). 

Our application integration solution is “perfect in what it has been designed for” (per Tonnie K., a technical consultant) that makes integrations a “piece of cake” (according to a verified user in consulting) as a “truly easy-to-use low-code/no-code platform” (according to Siew T.).  

See what else 287 customers had to say in their reviews here and here.

Top Analytics Products

The Analytics category of G2 is full of heavy hitters that analyze data from literally everything under the sun. Software AG was recognized for its industrial analytics platform for process manufacturing which allows process and asset experts to analyze, monitor, and predict the performance of all their manufacturing processes. All in an intuitive web-based analytics package for rapid-fire visualization of industrial data. 

Why is it ranked so highly? It is “an excellent guide for a better quality manufacturing” (according to Gultekin K.) providing “helpful visualization of data from the process makes it easy to daily keep up with the variations in the process” (according to Matheus A.) and has become “a must-have to make data-driven decisions for improvements” (according to Martin T.) for “average users to be able to easily perform analytics without the need for a heavy data analysis background” (according to Ian F.).  

See what else 122 customers had to say in their 4.6/5 star reviews here

Top Software Companies

We are in the “German Software Company” category. The company was founded in Germany and its name is “Software AG,” so it’s like this category was created for us. For this award, we’d like to thank customers of our entire portfolio of products across IT Portfolio Management, Process Management, Integration, API Management and Enterprise Transaction Applications. This badge is for you. 

This recognition is more than just a pat on our back; it’s a nod to the fact that we’re hitting the mark in creating valuable tools for you. It’s a commitment that we’re not just here to sell software; we’re here to provide solutions that genuinely make a difference. 

A big thanks to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts and experiences on G2. Your feedback is the guiding light that helps us keep our software in the “people’s choice” spotlight. We’re excited to continue this journey with you, creating more of the user-approved tech you love.