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Sustainability at Software AG: Enabling our customers

“In the universe are billions of galaxies. In our galaxy are billions of planets. But there is #OnlyOneEarth.” On the 5th of June, under this banner, the world celebrates World Environment Day. As Senior Vice President Corporate Communications, Sustainability and…
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    ICTs can create accessible, inclusive telecoms for the world

    There are still billions of people unconnected to digital telecommunications, including increasingly growing aging populations and people in developing countries. Today, UN World Telecommunication & Information Society Day (WTISD), aims to spread awareness about the social changes caused by the…
    Jos Grond Jos Grond
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    The future of racing is connected

    Mario Andretti once said: “If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.”  The Electric Racing Academy (ERA) in Zolder, Belgium disagrees. With help from the Internet of Things (IoT) and Software AG, its electric racing cars can…
    Bernd Gross Bernd Gross
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    World Day for Safety and Health at Work

    The annual UN World Day for Safety and Health at Work was created to help call attention to preventing accidents and diseases at work. And nowhere is this more relevant than in the retail sector. Ordinarily, you would not think…
    Andrew Busby Andrew Busby
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    On Mother Earth Day, supply chain matters

    Mother Earth Day is here and not a moment too soon. Analysis shows we’re facing a record level of global carbon emissions that has not seen since before the pandemic.  During the pandemic industries from health to retail and manufacturing ultimately suffered…
    Pierre Roustan Pierre Roustan
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    Shoptalk 2022: Retail’s Big Reunion

    This year’s Shoptalk was one of the first big retail shows to come back in real life after a two-year hiatus. Shoptalk brings people together (over 10,000 of them) from around the world and is a key fixture in the…
    Andrew Busby Andrew Busby
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    The role of technology in fighting cancer

    World Cancer Day 2022 is a good opportunity to reflect on the huge gains humans have achieved in the struggle to fight cancer. Alongside intensive research and study in the medical field, there is a surprising secret weapon: Technology – specifically…
    Pierre Roustan Pierre Roustan
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    Congratulations to our European partners!

    At the first summit for our European partners, we celebrated our thriving ecosystem of partners. We communicated our commitment and support for our channel partners and our growing partner community – they are at the core of our growth and…
    Jason Johns Jason Johns
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    Detect the latest technology trends with Software AG Technology Radar

    New innovations are the bread and butter of the technology industry, but they can also pose a headache for companies adopting them. For example, how will artificial intelligence (AI) or blockchain technology affect your business? New technologies cannot survive in a vacuum. Sometimes the best…
    Burkhard Hilchenbach Burkhard Hilchenbach
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    Hidden insights: It’s all in the math

    “We have completed our terrain relative navigation. Current speed is about 30 meters per second, altitude is about 300 meters off the surface. Sky Crane maneuver has started. About 20 meters off the surface. We’re setting signals from the MRO.Tango…
    Philip Hooker Philip Hooker
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    Are you ready for quantum computing?

    Maybe the real question is: “Is quantum computing ready for you and me?” Because, currently, quantum computing (QC) is an immature technology in search of a problem – one that it can solve more economically than other readily available solutions.…
    Christoph Strnadl Christoph Strnadl