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GoExpedi transforms the digital supply chain

Learn why GoExpedi describes itself as the “Uber-meets-Amazon” of the energy industry -and how webMethods helps to support its success.

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GoExpedi likes to describe itself as the “Uber-meets-Amazon” of the energy industry – and aims to do for industrial parts and tools what Amazon did for books.

This was the gist of our CEO Sanjay Brahmawar’s and my conversation with GoExpedi’s CTO Yang Tang during our recent North American analyst briefing roundtable.

Digital supply chain company GoExpedi was born on the back of CEO Tim Neal’s truck, when he was delivering supplies to oil and gas rigs – often at a moment’s notice. The company grew exponentially, building a digital online platform that helped it reinvent procurement for industrial and energy maintenance, repair and operations (MRO).

The smart logistics platform provides access to a wide network of suppliers and dramatically reduces ordering time (>500%) and decreases downtime costs (>25%). It offers a fully online process for quickly ordering replacement parts to keep energy assets up-and-running 24/7, with over 200,000 critical parts and supplies available.

The company offers three-day tracked delivery, RFID tagging of inventory and an all-digital restocking process, helping to ensure critical parts are available when needed.

Automated order management

When GoExpedi decided it needed to install punch catalogs for its clients, to help customers streamline order management and automate order data directly into their ERP systems, it turned to Software AG’s webMethods.

Open standards, open APIs, DevOps and continuous integration were crucial to the team, and webMethods fit the bill.

Tang said his designers and staff were very pro-webMethods: “If I had chosen anything else my designers and staff would have told me otherwise. It really accelerated our development internally and with customers.”

GoExpedi, with webMethods, developed the catalogs in a “very, very short time” said Tang, and deployed the system to a major oil company in the field.

This platform proved itself again when Covid-19 struck demand soared across the energy industry to source PPE items. The ability to integrate with new vendors and suppliers quickly, and understanding their supply levels and lead times, is what made GoExpedi successful during the pandemic.

Thanks to the underlying’s iPaaS infrastructure and API management tooling, the company was able to honor its three-day turnaround commitments on PPE across the United States.

GoExpedi plans to venture into asset management and preventive maintenance next, said Tang: “It is not really been explored by oil and gas companies; their focus has been on finding new reserves. With energy transition taking place it will be more about producing more margin out of every barrel extracted.”

Oil and gas companies are increasingly looking to optimize operations, he said, predicting they will be adding connected sensors and Internet of Things tools to track of equipment assets, making sure they are working effectively.

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