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Healing the Fracture Points in your Business

Software AG is lending a helping hand to enterprises globally. Get ARIS for free. You don’t need to buy anything. You can start right NOW.

Bernd Gross Bernd Gross

I hope everyone is safe and healthy in these turbulent times. I know it’s not easy and all of us, including me, need to adapt to these new circumstances – like working from home.

While I am gratified to see that many companies are mastering change right now, I can also see some of our customers, partners, providers (and many more companies) struggling with these changes. I see delivery chains challenged, companies fighting for new orders, new customer needs arising.

One of the reasons Software AG can adapt directly to the new situation, besides our great employees, is because we use ARIS ourselves – it is our business process management software. It has helped us analyze any business impact, to assess and prioritize risks, put new processes in place within a day and communicate these changes directly to our whole organization.

That’s why we have decided to donate ARIS to everyone who needs it – we are making our leading software available for free. Whether you are a small local business or a big enterprise, wherever you are in the world you can get it for free. Right now.

So, here’s our offer: Get ARIS for free. You don’t need to buy anything. You can start right NOW. We have created a packaged solution which includes best practices, standard reports, easy modeling and communication tools that can get you started on your business continuity program.

It is ready for you now. Your teams won’t need any training and, as it’s in the cloud, there is no set-up time. Also, the ARIS partner ecosystem and our own Professional Services team are ready to help you with special remote services.

Software AG wants help you heal the fracture points in your business in these tough times. So, let us help with our ARIS gift to you; we are offering free access to ARIS for six months to help you steer through the crisis successfully and accelerate your way out of it.

Click on the link below to get ARIS for free. There you’ll find everything you need to start right NOW. From direct access to ARIS, a voucher code, tips and tricks, remote services in our ARIS HUB as well as explainer videos to jump-start your project.

Be safe.