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Worker Health and Safety: Never More Important

How do companies get employees back into the office or workplace while keeping them safe? CirrusLabs and Cumulocity IoT show you how.

Lisa Coulouris Lisa Coulouris

Have you had the sniffles or a sore throat in the past six months and worried that it was “the virus?” I imagine most of you have.

You likely went through a litany of questions: Is it allergies? Should I go to the doctor? What if I don’t have it, but the doctor’s office is full of Covid-19 patients and then I get it?

These same questions come to mind when we think about returning to the workplace.   Companies are thinking the same way. So how do companies move forward, getting employees back into the office or workplace while keeping them safe?  

CirrusLabs and Software AG

Software AG’s partner, CirrusLabs, has taken this challenge head on and developed a solution that directly impacts an organization’s safe return to work, avoiding setbacks and complete restarts.    

CirrusLabs’ solution works to “pandemic-proof” organizations and improve safety while keeping privacy in mind.   Called Photone4, the solution uses Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform to detect human body temperature, report on social distancing, and – at the same time – offering facial recognition protection and security.  

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated innovation in technology and brought to the forefront much needed changes in human behavior regarding the spread and prevention of viral diseases.   CirrusLabs’ Photone4 temperature detection and social distancing solution, created with the help of Cumulocity IoT, is a prime example.

Find out more about Photone4 by clicking below.