iPaaS is Your Fast Path to Innovation!

Get up to speed on how iPaaS quickly connects anything—clouds, applications and databases—in our upcoming webinar on April 2nd!

David Overos David Overos

For companies who want to compete more effectively in today’s disruptor economy, the key is not just new ideas. Most people aren’t short on ideas. The challenge is bringing those innovative ideas to life.

 To build a new, differentiating digital product or service requires access to data that is locked away in applications, databases and legacy systems. And it requires the tools to combine and orchestrate that data so that it works seamlessly with existing investments. Oh, and it needs to get done in weeks not months. These are just some of the challenges IT leaders face as they try to partner with their business leadership teams to disrupt rather than be disrupted.

Change is in the air. Integration is coming out of the shadows and into the spotlight to serve as the silent enabler of digital business.  And iPaaS is the delivery mechanism for integration because of its ability to simplify and speed up the way integrations can be developed, deployed, and maintained in the cloud.

See how iPaaS is your fast path to innovation!

Watch the webinar:  “Beyond Integration: How Software AG’s iPaaS Drives Digital Innovation

Get up to speed on how iPaaS quickly connects anything—clouds, applications and databases—and see how unlocking the value of your data can help your business:

  • Automate, innovate and differentiate
  • Deliver a world-class customer experience
  • Make smarter decisions faster

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