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LANXESS Delivers Beyond Expectation

LANXESS has significantly increased its capacity utilization in selected plants, optimized resource efficiency and reduced maintenance costs with the help of TrendMiner.

Edwin van Dijk Edwin van Dijk

The specialty chemicals industry focuses on making small batches of high margin products to meet very specific customer specifications.

The market is huge: It tops $1 trillion globally, according to some sources, and is expected to grow between 4% and 6% per year for the next few years.

These high margins are attracting attention from new participants, creating fierce competition for existing producers and causing operational headaches for newcomers. Newer manufacturers must adapt to shorter production runs while also finding new ways to avoid waste and meet stringent quality requirements.

At the same time, traditional players must compete harder for market share while improving operational efficiency. They need complete visibility of their data arising from production and the ability to analyze this data. Then production employees can autonomously analyze processes, using the data to detect patterns and trends to optimize efficiency.

This is why chemical manufacturer LANXESS chose Software AG’s TrendMiner. Typical applications of TrendMiner Self-Service Analytics include capacity increase, predictive maintenance, improvement of product quality or more efficient raw material and energy use.

LANXESS is in the process of digitalizing all its production facilities. In initial projects, LANXESS has significantly increased its capacity utilization in selected plants, optimized resource efficiency and reduced maintenance costs with the help of TrendMiner. In some cases, six-figure euro amounts were saved.

About 70% of LANXESS’ production facilities have already been rolled out with TrendMiner, including all major production sites in Germany, Belgium, the U.S. and India, with the remainder coming soon.

Jörg Hellwig, Chief Digital Officer of LANXESS, emphasized the economic advantages for LANXESS. “The use of data analytics tools in production is a clear business case. Tests with TrendMiner have proven this. With the successful roll-out, LANXESS is now leveraging the optimization potential throughout the Group.”

The digital transformation at LANXESS also serves to further develop employees. Competencies in the field of data analytics will be essential for process engineers and the specialty chemical industry as a whole.  With its standardization on TrendMiner, LANXESS is already preparing its employees for the future.


Click here to see the interview between our CEO Sanjay Brahmawar and Jörg Hellwig.  

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