Learn How to Set your Legacy Apps Free

We are gearing up for an amazing User Group Conference on June 3-7 in Riga, Latvia where hundreds of Adabas & Natural users from dozens of countries will share their success stories.

Nina Klueckmann Nina Klueckmann

Our theme this year is Freedom for Legacy apps – which means thinking digital so you can embrace business transformation without throwing out your high-performing core systems.

What better place to learn from your peers, and learn how others have set their apps free, than the upcoming 2019 International User Group Conference?

To that end, we’ll have presentations, interactive workshops and evening events to connect with your peers, and an on-site “Collaboration Hub” for meetings with other attendees and Software AG experts. Get a sense of what’s in store by hearing impressions from our 2018 International User Groups Conference.

While we’ll be talking about a full range of products and how they drive business success − including Alfabet, Cumulocity IoT, ARIS, and webMethods Integration − Adabas & Natural will be taking center stage to highlight progress on our Adabas & Natural 2050+ program.

With more than 20 sessions dedicated to A&N, you’ll see four major themes showcasing the progress customers are making with legacy digitalization to improve performance, save money, and manage generational change:

  1. Re-hosting to Linux, Container and Multi-Cloud: Hear from Software AG business and technical experts on the advantages of hosting legacy applications off the mainframe for lower costs and greater flexibility with the same reliable performance. Customers will also share valuable insights from their hands-on experiences re-hosting mission-critical applications in a cloud and hybrid application landscape.
  2. Reducing mainframe costs: Customers who offloaded their mainframe applications to IBM´s zIIP share their successes, including millions of dollars in savings.
  3. Agile and DevOps: We’ve talked extensively about how NaturalONE brings the speed, reliability, and cost advantages of DevOps to business-oriented applications using the Natural language. The 2019 International User Group Conference is a prime opportunity to hear customers tell how they introduced NaturalONE, and embraced agile techniques for Natural development and DevOps integration.
  4. Live Demonstrations to see everything in action: We’ll have Software AG subject matter experts showing live demonstrations of A&N in Containers, A&N in the cloud, using A&N and webMethods to develop event-driven applications, API enablement & management, and moving Adabas data to cloud-based analytics. These presentations will give you the insight and confidence to pursue legacy digitalization in your organization.

Register for this exciting event below and mark your calendars for a week of collaboration, learning, and connections starting June 3, 2019. Want to learn more?

We’d love to hear from you – just drop us an email at iug2019@softwareag.com. We can’t wait to see you there!