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Announcing new and updated connectors in webMethods 10.7: These fully supported connectors ensure you can connect more, connect faster, and connect better.

Ann Marie Bond Ann Marie Bond

Today, the world is at your fingertips. From your laptop, from virtually anywhere in the world, you can connect to people and things that are thousands of miles away.

You can connect to data to build analytics, you can place orders, get helpful feedback from customers, and execute automated business processes that span countries.

The information available to you is controlled and channeled through a complex network of applications and data sources, delivered through websites, apps, and APIs. For businesses which create these products and services for customers, while giving them the best experience, it means a lot of work behind the scenes. Much of the effort involves connecting to the always-growing list of systems.

That’s why a comprehensive list of reliable, maintainable, easy-to-use integration connectors is essential. And, it is why we are delighted to announce a number of new and updated connectors in webMethods 10.7, released in April 2021. webMethods connectors not only provide user-friendly drag-and-drop mapping to applications and data sources, they help you manage system connections, apply multiple layers of security, and gain control of SaaS usage costs and data transmission charges in the cloud. These fully supported connectors ensure you can connect more, connect faster, and connect better. 

There are over two dozen new cloud connectors in the release; here are some of the notable highlights:

  1. Snowflake. This data warehouse is designed to enable enterprise analytics in the cloud. Easy integration with a standard connector means you can handle big data and business analytics use cases.
  2. SAP S/4 HANA Cloud and Any-Premise. As the large community of SAP users migrates to the cloud, connectivity to this platform becomes essential.
  3. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Enterprise resource planning with this platform is growing in popularity for connecting operations across small and medium-sized businesses. We now support the latest version.
  4. Microsoft SharePoint Online. Teams collaborate to share and manage content and applications via this cloud-based service. Use this connector to manage content – documents, folders, and sites – as part of automated workflows.
  5. Adobe Experience Platform. This platform enables you to create customer profiles across devices and channels and design personalized experiences. The AEP connector supports batch ingestion, streaming ingestion, and a flow service API for maximum flexibility in your implementation.
  6. Amazon Aurora. As the default database for AWS users, Aurora is a key element of many apps and workflows in the cloud. Our connector will introspect the database and give you drag-and-drop mapping to your data to accelerate development.

Several dozen additional cloud connectors have been updated, including SAP C4C (Sales & Service), Adobe Magento, Marketo, Amazon S3, and Coupa.

On-premises updates

In the on-premises world, many connectors needed for existing packaged and custom apps and databases have been updated as well.

  • JDBC adapter. This powerful and extensible adapter has been updated to work with Snowflake 3.x, Microsoft SQL Server 2017, 2019, MySQL Community Server 8.0x, Google Cloud Spanner, and Amazon Redshift. In addition, the connector now has:
    • SAP HANA 2 latest driver version and polling notification support
    • Oracle 18c & 19c support with Kerberos Authentication availability, and user defined data types with stored procedures
    • Vertica DB support
  • IBM WebSphere MQ adapter. Updated with IBM MQ 9.1.x Support
  • Oracle Apps adapter – Certified with 12.2.8
  • Apache Kafka adapter. Updated with Admin Client API support and topic lookups
  • Apache HBase adapter. Added 2.0 Support

Plus, webMethods integration recipes (there are hundreds) make it easier to connect faster and better, with fewer errors. New integration recipes in the 10.7 release include Coupa-ServiceNow, ServiceNow-Salesforce, Marketo-Salesforce, Magento-SAP ERP, Marketo-SAP C4C, Box-OneDrive, and Cumulocity IoT-Slack.

And finally, connectivity for B2B trading partners often relies on complex protocols and standards. In the 10.7 release, there are many enhancements and additions to the extensive existing list of over 14,000 documents. These include additional UN/EDIFACT doc types, TRADACOMS and VDA support as well as support for exchanging RosettaNet Messages. There are also enhancements for flat file handling and large file handling.

What else can you connect to with webMethods? Check out the full list on below and get started today with a free trial of webMethods iPaaS here.

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