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Is RPA taking over the world?

Process mining can smooth the path to an RPA project because you can pitch a project based on getting verifiable, quantifiable visualizations.

Tom Thaler Tom Thaler

Emotive words like “bot” and “automation” can make you shudder in terror, with visions of machines taking over the world or snooping on you at work.

Yet, automation – or to be precise, “robotic process automation (RPA)” – is essential to process efficiency.

Getting buy-in for an RPA project might just be the hardest thing to do, even though it is one of the most enterprising technologies exploding onto the scene. And, for RPA to be successful, you need absolute buy-in.

Because going the RPA route alone in your organization is like running a lemonade stand without lemonade. Even if you start bottom-up in a grassroots campaign to launch such a project, you’ll be hard-pressed to get far – for one major reason: People are afraid of bots stealing their jobs.

Also, stories of companies adopting RPA because of a gut feeling that something “great” will happen don’t help. The vision is there, but the destination, sadly, is not. (Think of building a house of cards on top of a house of cards.)

With knowledge comes confidence

But you can’t ignore the unprecedented efficiency advancements available with such a technology. So how do you leap over the barriers of adoption? The answer is, in fact, quite simple: Knowledge. How? With process mining.

Your organization revolves around your greatest asset – your workforce. Your people are, in fact, the actual miners of the processes that can continually improve operations. You must put them first and give them the confidence that no robots will replace them.

Process mining elevates RPA to the next level – without undermining your organization’s infrastructure. Because RPA doesn’t have to be a major revamp; process mining takes what RPA delivers and amplifies it with the help of what people do best: analyze, discover, uncover, monitor. People are, after all, in charge of what bots, AI and automation do.

How can process mining help?

Process mining can smooth the path to an RPA project. Instead of pitching a project based on just a “gut feeling,” you can pitch one based on getting verifiable, quantifiable visualizations that prove your operations will excel.

Instead of guessing what bots can do, you can monitor them on the factory floor, in logistics and distribution, and a seamless platform can record all event logs and transactions in such a way that you can see exactly what goals to achieve and how to achieve them. Process mining makes that happen.

Not only can you effectively launch an RPA program but, with process mining, you can continually improve upon it through supervision and creative adjustment of what your bots will be doing.

In essence, what RPA can do, ARIS Process Mining can assist in doing it even better. By taking an enterprising use case using RPA and pushing it into the next level of evolution in industrial business, your business can beat the competition.

You will have successfully integrated the technology without losing the true players in the game: your team, your employees, your colleagues, your workforce. They’re the ones who are calling the shots. They’re making the decisions. And the technology is opening up a whole new world for them.

Explore how our partnership with Kryon Systems and our new partnership with Automation Anywhere can help. And get the facts on ARIS Process Mining by downloading the white paper below.

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