Software AG and StreamSets: Stronger together for our customers

Read how the Software AG and StreamSets’ merger brings together enterprise-grade data integration capabilities with our digital business portfolio.

Scott Little Scott Little

At first glance, it’s an unlikely pairing: a 53-year-old German company and a youthful California startup.

But when the two Chief Revenue Officers first got together to discuss a possible joint future, the opportunities for synergy were clear. It was the height of the Texas summer—a neutral ground of sorts for a European application integration pioneer and a West Coast whiz kid with a bold new approach to integrating data.

The weather was stifling. The honkey-tonks were in full swing. And, as StreamSets’ CRO Rowan Scranage and I sat down over drinks, and scribbled out ideas onto a napkin, the roadmap to an eventual partnership virtually wrote itself. Months later, in February of this year, the acquisition was announced. The deal brings together StreamSets’ enterprise-grade data integration capabilities with Software AG’s digital business portfolio—enabling the secure and seamless movement of data to and from any part of an enterprise’s digital backbone.

No surprise when, as CROs, our talks that began in mid-2021 started with the numbers: The cloud data integration market is thriving. And, with StreamSets growing by 70% per year, the business case for joining forces was as mouth-watering as slow-cooked Texas brisket.

Even better, though, were the many ways in which a deal would improve our ability to provide our customers with the absolute best software solutions possible. Now that we’re officially “hitched,” we wanted to give you a taste of what our joint offerings will mean for your business—and how our world-class teams can bring you more even value, together.

World-class capabilities—merged as one

The first benefit of this deal is rooted in what our individual suites of products do best—and what, until recently, they didn’t. At Software AG, we’re pros at keeping enterprises seamlessly connected—through application integration, API management and microservices, which are all part of our webMethods platform. Yet in the past, when customers asked about cloud data integration, we had to bring outside partners into the conversation.

At StreamSets, our set of practices and technologies we call DataOps—designed to tease order out of a world at risk of drowning in information—has hit the market blazing. Still our lack of application integration capabilities has limited our growth in a world where smart, data-connected apps have become the norm rather than the exception.

Both of us understood that most companies would prefer not to source from two vendors when one would do the trick. So we read the room. And now, our customers have access to a joint integration solution that offers up the best of both of us: Software AG’s expertise in connecting highly complex webs of applications. And StreamSets’ ability to collect, consolidate and seamlessly move data across a range of hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Are you looking for a single provider to meet all your integration needs? Finally, we’ve got that covered.

Synergies for existing and new customers

A second benefit relates to similarities among our customers. As we discovered last summer when we launched our talks in Texas, Software AG and StreamSets had several joint customers already—at last count, a total of 20. Our industry-specific expertise is also highly complementary; both of us have deep ties to government, financial services, technology, and healthcare—and a particular inkling toward enterprise customers and IT buying personas.

For customers already with both of us, our new joint approach to products, sales and services will bring new synergies to the hybrid integration experience. And for the many Software AG customers out there who’ve been longing to do more with analytics, now is your chance to go all in on a best-in-class enterprise grade data integration platform. One that comes with the backing of an established brand you trust.

Feeding off what makes each of us unique

A final benefit feeds off our differences – in geography, experience and company culture. For an established player like Software AG, StreamSets is a sprightly, youthful sibling. Not only does StreamSets’ innovative DataOps platform give us a first-rate data pipeline technology to keep up with this fast-growing segment of the market.

But its company culture—of moving fast and staying nimble—is making us more agile as well. In the US, for example, StreamSets’ expertise has already helped us improve our time to market for a new government webMethods cloud certification. And their presence in the California Bay Area gives us a stronger footing than ever in the most innovative, forward thinking technology market on the planet.

For StreamSets, there’s much to gain from Software AG as well, like being part of a trusted, time-worn brand that will open new doors—both for our standalone offerings and our evolving mix of combined integration products. Our new foothold near Frankfurt, the commercial heart of Europe, will accelerate growth into markets outside of our existing US focus, planting us on firmer ground to help us achieve our goal of modernizing data integration everywhere.

For all these complimentary differences, there are several similarities that both of us have deeply wired into our DNA. Our technologies, for one, are both open and vendor agnostic. StreamSets’ software isn’t hardwired into the systems it connects. uses open and non-proprietary software and can connect to anything. Then there’s our commitment to working closely with our customers—and making sure they get the very most out of our products. And finally, our joint willingness to learn, and adapt, from each other’s strengths gives us confidence that bringing our teams together will only make that customer experience stronger.

Now it’s time for you to come find out how this old hand and young gun can together help your company can make the most out of hybrid integration.

Written in cooperation with Rowan Scranage, Chief Revenue Officer at StreamSets.