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Do you feel a lack of control? Watch our TV webinar to learn how you can regain control of your business in an ever-shifting environment.

Josèphe Blondaut Josèphe Blondaut

In this webinar you will hear the success stories of Vodafone, DSM, ING and CSL Behring. With the help of an adaptive enterprise management system (EMS), they were able to align their organizations from end-to-end – and in this way gain control of their organizations’ transformation.

I was thrilled to moderate this “better-have-a-look” session and lead the discussion with transformation and ARIS experts from all around the world including:

  • Chintan Ganatra – Partner at PwC South East Asian Consulting
  • Caspar Jans – Director Transformation Solutions
  • Michiel Jorna – Business Transformation Director APJ
  • Don Magnuson – Vice president – North America ARIS / Alfabet,
  • Eric Roovers – Senior Director of Transformation Solutions

Learn from them how successful transformation works, how it leads to excellence and helps to secure business. In this webinar recording, we’ll take you through the fundamental areas of enterprise management systems for total control and transformation success:

o Transform: Turn your Vision into Results

o Optimize: Achieve Operational Excellence

o Control: Secure your License to Operate

Where are you from? What is your industry? What problems do you struggle with daily? Whatever your role – whatever your industry, an enterprise management system powered by ARIS is the way to go. This webinar is the start of your journey.

Today is a good day to learn something new and improve the way you run your business. Watch it now by clicking the link below. And don’t forget to tell us what you think!

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