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Transformation in Telco requires an ecosystem

Software AG has rejoined TM Forum ecosystem for the CSP industry to further our commitment to being a trusted advisor to our customers.

Sven Roeleven Sven Roeleven

Software AG has rejoined TM Forum, the global technologies and solution transformation ecosystem for the CSP industry, to further our commitment to being a trusted advisor to our customers.

Communications service providers (CSPs) are on a mission to radically transform themselves through new technological innovations. Whether you’re an industry veteran or a casual observer, when you look at the future of the global communications and media industry, it’s apparent that this transformative change has only just begun.

As CSPs move away from their traditional roles of product sellers to services solutions providers, they are constantly creating new business models to generate new revenue streams that are heavily IT-enabled.  It’s in their DNA of to approach these initiatives technically, with in-house IT developments.

For example, many Internet of Things (IoT) projects are kicked off one-by-one, with the goal of delivering minimum viable products with fast ROI’s. At first glance, this might appear to be a safe, low risk path.

But there are, in fact, hidden risks to this approach. By employing this inside-out, technical approach, CSPs could be setting themselves up for failure. That means not being able to attract, delight and retain the end customer. Moreover, while in-house development may sound flexible, as soon as integration and scalability come into the mix, performance and security issues emerge – with their resulting high costs.

What if by taking an outside-in and business-driven approach, you could enable the ideation of new business use cases that will delight customers? By embracing a proven IoT platform, with embedded integration capabilities, you will be able to mitigate many hidden security and scalability issues. In the end, a successful enterprise is a ‘connected enterprise, in a connected world.

The power of connected-ness with the broader ecosystem of our industry should not be underestimated. This is exactly why Software AG, a market leader in IoT platforms, as well as integration and API, has rejoined the TM Forum family, with more than 850 company members and 190,000 community members.

As a member of this powerful ecosystem of CSPs, systems integrators and other suppliers, we will jointly find ways to develop and deliver the innovations that will propel successful, connected enterprises.

For decades, the communications and media industry has been of critical importance to Software AG. We have partnered with global leaders such as A1Deutsche Telekom and Telefónica as they have leveraged new technology for innovation. 

TM Forum membership gives Software AG the opportunity to become closer to our CSP customer market in new ways.  By being part of the CSP development community we can consult, share best practices and become a trusted advisor to our CSP customers and contacts, who are all in the TM Forum community.

By embracing our CSP roots and rejoining the TM Forum ecosystem, we look forward to collaborating on the next wave of transformative change.