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What does Freedom Mean to you?

For Software AG freedom starts with Helix, our multi-year pathway to sustainable profitability and growth; everything we do starts with the customer. And what the customer wants is freedom.

Sanjay Brahmawar Sanjay Brahmawar

Freedom is a powerful word. To some it means independence. To others, it means the ability to act and speak freely – or to go where they wish.

At Software AG, we define freedom in terms of our customers. Our customers trust us to provide them with the freedom to choose their technology, to integrate, to innovate.

Businesses today have huge challenges; their data, processes, apps, etc. are stuck in company siloes or different databases. Integration is a tremendous challenge and it is only getting bigger because of IoTAPIB2B, mobile and the growth of cloud.

We offer them the freedom to tackle these issues. We integrate their processes, data, devices and apps. Integration is an opportunity for them to differentiate through agility, efficiency and innovation – or to avoid disintermediation.

We connect them to IoT devices to augment their data.  We enable them to gain valuable real-time insights with streaming analyticsedge analytics and machine learning. We empower them with self-service analytics, so they don’t need to hire tons of data scientists. Then they can capture business events as they happen, and turn business data into information – and act on that data. That is real-time business situational understanding.

We offer them full autonomy and mobility, total transparency with zero constraints – spanning on-premises, cloud to cloud and the edge. This is true freedom.

Why is freedom so important to us?

First, it’s what the customers want – for our software to integrate with everything and everyone. Freely.

Second, it’s what our partners want. They want the freedom to trust alliances that won’t threaten their existing products and services.

Third, for our team, freedom means friction-less cooperation throughout the organisation – no roadblocks or hazards. It means having the freedom to experiment within their roles, with the power to take ownership. Then we can execute, and pass this knowledge and experience on to our customers.

Today, for Software AG,  freedom also means Helix, our multi-year pathway to sustainable profitability and growth. And part of that pathway is to provide you with all of this freedom as a service, with subscription models that offer flexible payment.

This is more than Software as a Service.

This is Freedom as a Service.

See what we mean by watching the video below. Be free!