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2020 IoT trends that ring true in 2021

Some of the major business trends that resonated last year are still going strong in 2021; protecting your employees and customers remains paramount.

Bernd Gross Bernd Gross

When you think of 2020, what springs to mind? Lockdowns, social distancing, empty shelves, online shopping, companies going out of business?

It seems that 2021 will not be radically different and some of the business trends that resonated last year are still going strong.

Our top trend from last year:

#1 Safety at work

The Covid-19 pandemic dominated Board agendas, as companies raced to protect employees, their businesses, and their profits. Safety at work, be it an office, a factory or in the field, was – and remains – paramount. And the Internet of Things underpins the solutions.

Here are some of our top posts from last year:

Go to work but keep your distance

Factory floors are crowded with equipment as well as people. A smart social distancing app can alert you when you are too close to a colleague, and help your employer prevent an outbreak of Covid-19.

IoT can get you back to work

What would it take to get you back on the tube or train during – and after – this pandemic? What if you had an app that could tell you, before you left home, whether the carriages were full or not? Then you could go immediately to the station and travel to work in relative safety.

Remote monitoring keeps mine workers safe

At one phosphate mine deep in the Utah desert, getting there—or getting emergency help and replacement parts if something goes wrong—is a Herculean task. Using IoT, you can monitor the mines remotely from your headquarters – no snowcats or workers required.

Because safety and continuity are everything

Onsite visits to industrial or commercial building projects can endanger employees, workers and management during a pandemic. With a remote monitoring solution from Cumulocity IoT and our partner autosen, you can track your equipment safely, remotely, from anywhere. No more on-site visits. No disruption to your business.

Other themes dominating 2020, and now 2021, include business resilience, the reinvention of retail, and the supercharged increase in API adoption. We will cover these in detail in future posts.

Meanwhile, read how IoT can help your business survive and thrive during this difficult time.