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2021 highlights: BPM, compliance management and business resilience

Learn why the interdependencies and synergies between compliance management, business resilience and BPM have become more obvious in the past two years.

Dr. Helge Hess Dr. Helge Hess

Business resilience has become of paramount importance for many industries, particularly after the last two years.

It has become obvious how vulnerable many companies’ business models and supply chains are to unexpected events.

The interdependencies and synergies between risk and compliance management, business resilience and business process transformation have become much more obvious.

Here are six articles that explain why, and what you can do to make them work together to succeed.

1     Combining risk and compliance management with BPM

Understand how to combine or incorporate risk and compliance management into the wider business process management (BPM) practice.

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Caspar Jans

2     Achieving business resilience with process excellence and regulatory compliance

Learn how a focus on process excellence and regulatory compliance drives business resilience.

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Helge Hess

3     How to ensure efficient communication of guidelines and policies across an organization

Find out how a digital communication solution can enable businesses to ensure compliance of new rules and processes across hundreds of branches.

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Helge Hess

4     Why the next steps in regulatory compliance are VAR for businesses

Find out how and why organizations are prioritizing compliance as part of the business investment strategy.

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Helge Hess

5     Keep an eye on compliance with process mining

How to use process mining to ensure your organization meets all business obligations – with a consistent risk and compliance management.

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Julian Krumeich

6     The role of digital twins in business transformation and operational excellence

A digital twin can help provide end-to-end transparency on all sides of an organization to key stakeholders and overcome unexpected challenges.

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Helge Hess

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