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When demand goes digital, it’s no accident

Excellent customer experience is no accident. It takes planning, dedication and the help of a process design solution like ARIS.

Elke Bastian Elke Bastian

When disaster strikes, victims should focus on rest and recovery, not on worrying if their insurance claims are being processed.

The best insurers around the world – including Switzerland-based Suva – could not agree more. But it is much easier said than done. In order to provide timely payments (and peace of mind) to millions of customers, they need claims, paperwork, deadlines, communication channels and payments to all operate like a well-oiled machine.

Literally anything can get lost in the cracks, and – if it does –customers will be stuck in limbo. And when that happens, they are quite happy to go elsewhere for coverage.

This is why Suva, which is responsible for 130,000 businesses who provide compulsory insurance to their 2.0 million workforce members, decided to digitalize its customer interactions.

Suva’s core business is accident insurance and, with some 1.2 million accidents claims filed each year, it was struggling with a number of issues:

  • Slow customer interaction
  • Lack of quality assurance
  • Risk management control
  • Minimal customer loyalty

Suva needed accurate, energetic, seamless and transparent process discovery, management, risk and compliance management, and more, to digitalize more than a million claims without a problem.

Enter ARIS

The goal was to lower costs by implementing a fast software solution to streamline the auditor function with the claims assessment system, practically automating all interactions between businesses, healthcare providers and payroll accountants. In the end, accurate process mapping, discovery and management with ARIS would make it possible.

This would:

  • Save time
  • Save pain
  • Save reputation
  • Save money

Process excellence software can easily do the impossible: provide transparency and map out a company’s entire IT architecture. That includes everything including:

  • Service-level agreements
  • Online applications
  • Authorization systems
  • Interfaces and traffic

Imagine all of these things – connected. Suva would have everything from seamless content publication, adaptability, heterogeneous integration and seemingly infinite collaboration with one system.

That isn’t all, though. Over the past two years, Suva has also built its entire risk management system in ARIS, unlocking more opportunities to digitalize. To keep managers better in the loop, all risks are recorded in a Microsoft® SharePoint® spreadsheet, and each night they are sent to ARIS where they are assessed, updated, monitored and processed. The result: Suva’s risk management is transparent and up to date.

What’s next? Suva would like to address process mining with ARIS. The company also wants to tackle the topics of data protection and KPI management.

Excellent customer experience is no accident. It takes planning, dedication and the help of a process design solution like ARIS.

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