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Building the next Generation of Experts

Ensuring that your critical Adabas & Natural applications are future -proof requires keeping skills fresh in the newer generations of developers.

Nicole Ritchie Nicole Ritchie

Ensuring that your critical Adabas & Natural applications are future-proof requires keeping skills fresh in the newer generations of developers.

Adabas & Natural has a well-earned reputation for reliability, high performance, availability and security, which is why an incredible 98% of Adabas & Natural customers base their mission-critical business applications on the platform. At the same time, this dependence on Adabas & Natural also raises an important question for every business navigating the fast pace of change in business technology: how can you ensure your critical applications will have the best talent to maintain and improve them in the years to come?

Generational change is a vital topic for our customers – in part because today’s new developers are building skills in a wildly different technology environment from even one generation ago. As a result, Software AG has been busy creating new programs to address the generational change of the workforce as part of our Adabas & Natural 2050+ program.

Here are three ways we’re ensuring our customers will have access to top-tier talent for continuous development and operation of your critical Adabas & Natural applications:

  1. Providing modern development tools and agile methodologies

NaturalONE, the default development environment for Natural, is based on the world-renowned Eclipse development platform, so it’s easy for new developers to learn. Our goal is to support the latest in agile development approaches and DevOps strategies to deliver business outcomes faster and with higher quality. Your developers can download NaturalONE now for free to see it action for themselves.

  1. Embracing cloud and flexible deployments

Younger developers expect to be able to move faster, with flexibility and scalability, by taking advantage of cloud deployment. We’ve made it easy for you to bring trusted applications into a modern multi-cloud deployment strategy by simply rehosting your Adabas & Natural applications to Linux and leveraging virtual machines and containers to run in any cloud of your choice. Download a free trial of Adabas & Natural for Docker® and see how easy it is to run Adabas & Natural in the cloud!

  1. Giving developers resources to learn the way they want

Everyone has a different way of learning and we provide many options for new and experienced developers to build their skills. At we provide easy access to self-learning videos in English, Portuguese and German that cover the basics of using Adabas & Natural to more advanced topics such DevOps and connecting applications with APIs.

Through our TECHCommunity, developers and database administrators can collaborate with experts in their field, explore product documentation and download free software trials. Our goal is to make TECHCommunity a valuable part of your onboarding plans so the next generation of developers is prepared to work on traditional and innovative projects. Take a look at our self-learning videos, free-trial software, discussion forums and product documentation to build your team’s skills quickly.

Interested in learning more? Our Innovation Sheet has tips for six ways our customers are successfully managing the generational change of Adabas & Natural skills.

We’ve seen countless customer success stories about managing generational change with Adabas & Natural. I encourage you to read more about how the combination of modern technologies, education and community platforms can help you both attract and retain new Adabas & Natural talent — and in doing so, successfully navigate the generational change of your workforce.