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conXion: Welcome to a truly connected world

See some stars at conXion: Tech expert Katie Linendoll, Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix, and Canva Chief Evangelist Guy Kawasaki!

Dr. Isabella Holst Dr. Isabella Holst

I bet you’d give anything to meet up with colleagues, peers and even competitors to talk, listen and learn about your business – especially during these trying times – right?

Well, Software AG cannot wave a magic wand and make the pandemic disappear, but what we can do is create a virtual get-together that rivals meeting up in real life. Why now?

Because we are entering a new reality of digitalization and the need to pivot and disrupt. Organizations have to go beyond using technology just for business resilience and towards the next level of excellence – with new a digital-first mentality and new disruptive business models.

conXion is going to be a global event with regional flair. It will be spread across three time zones: DACH/EMEA, Americas, APJ, and subtitled in multiple languages. It will offer an impressive level of content from featured use cases, free training, virtual showcases, partners and more.

Business meets show biz

We are thrilled to have some big names coming to speak to you, from honored customers to show biz and business personalities:

• Katie Linendoll, TV’s go-to tech expert and the voice of a new generation of digital natives, will be our moderator.

• The disruptor of disruptors – Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix – will be interviewed by our CEO Sanjay Brahmawar. Sanjay will ask Marc to share his experiences in creating new business models that upend the competition.

• Chief Evangelist Guy Kawasaki from Canva will join CTO Bernd Gross to offer some big thoughts about the future of the connected enterprise. (Guy was one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing the Macintosh computer line in 1984.)

conXion may be a digital event but it’s is a living expression of our brand—championing the potential for a new era of enterprise empowered by a truly connected world. Next, I will tell you about the amazing product innovations and upgrades we will be showing you at conXion.

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