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Detect the latest technology trends with Software AG Technology Radar

Read Software AG’s Technology Radar to put technology trends on your radar. For example, learn how AI or blockchain technology affects your business.

Burkhard Hilchenbach Burkhard Hilchenbach

New innovations are the bread and butter of the technology industry, but they can also pose a headache for companies adopting them.

For example, how will artificial intelligence (AI) or blockchain technology affect your business?

New technologies cannot survive in a vacuum. Sometimes the best thing to do is take a step back and evaluate how the new tech in question applies to your business proposition. Is the technology contributing to becoming a truly connected enterprise, which is what our customers are working towards?

This is why we created the Software AG Technology Radar. As a technology company, Software AG is continuously evaluating emerging trends and technologies – both to see how relevant they are to the world… and to us.

The Technology Radar

What we do is to evaluate topics we think to have a potential impact on our customers. We categorized the entries to our radar according to our marketecture. This helps to visualize the key value propositions and technology foundations as they relate to our customers’ key objectives.

The Technology Radar is divided into these six sections:

Value Propositions

  • Connected customer experience
  • Digital business excellence
  • Ecosystem-driven economy

Technology Foundations

  • Hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure
  • Agile DevOps & continuous delivery
  • Platform-enabled ecosystem

Our radar evaluates current technologies and gives recommendations about their use, with four main levels Adopt, Trial, Assess, and Hold/Reduce.

For example, near the bullseye of our Technology Radar currently is an “Adopt” recommendation for AI and machine learning.

In addition to the adoption recommendation, we provide a relevance rating: Fundamental; Significant; Limited or Peripheral. We discuss the technology’s relevance with regards to the sections listed above, for example ‘connected customer experience’ or ‘hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.’

Technology radars are by nature opinionated guides. In a world of continuous hype and exaggeration, we try to get down to the core value proposition, and we are not shy to give a cautious rating for technology if we are not convinced that it lives up to the promise yet.

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You can follow the Technology Radar by clicking the link here.

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