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Cooking up a Superior Customer Journey

At the Adobe Summit EMEA this week in London, we announced a partnership that makes personalisation at scale a reality for enterprises.

Sanjay Brahmawar Sanjay Brahmawar

Making your customers feel valued and engaged is a top priority for organisations today. This is why, at the Adobe Summit EMEA this week in London, I announced a partnership that makes personalisation at scale a reality for enterprises.

I’ve been looking forward to this moment since I met Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe in March. We discussed potential synergies to bring together Adobe – the world’s leading multimedia creativity platform innovator and Software AG – the leading pioneer of digital transformation. Both are 100% committed to putting customers at the centre of their businesses. In less than three months, our teams brought this collaboration to life.

Our partnership with Adobe draws on our new strategy, with the guiding ambition to be a trusted, go-to, platform-agnostic partner to turn data into value, by bringing together apps, clouds, IoT devices and data.   By combining the power of Adobe’s Experience Platform and our webMethods Integration Platform we are able to realise that vision.

Together, we will transform businesses by giving them better visibility, transparency, and customer intimacy – all in real time. Freeing data from silos will give our customers shareable, usable and powerful insights and enable them unlock entirely new possibilities for growth.

Seamless integration is what it takes to make personalisation at scale a reality; giving our customers the ability to better engage with their own customers and prospects and increase sales productivity. This can only happen by bringing together data from multiple enterprise systems and enriching it with analytics to offer a superior personalised customer experience.

Delivering the best possible customer experience is top priority, and it takes an open and robust customer engagement platform. As Software AG, we have decades of experience in core integration; respected industry analysts including Gartner and Forrester position us as a market leader. We have helped organisations like delivery company DHL, and a fashion company that operates brands like Michael Kors – and others – who were looking to enhance their customer engagement.

We want our customers to be pioneers on differentiating their business models. Many of these new business models are inspired by a much better customer experience and the new opportunities that arise through the power of the Internet of Things. And that’s what digitalisation or digital transformation is all about –services for customer centricity that create value.

I can’t wait to see this partnership take off! My team and I look forward to making global partnerships like this happen again. On behalf of the entire Software AG team, I’d like to welcome Adobe on board.