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Connection helps you excel – in biking and in business

Learn how the three pillars of a connected enterprise strategy is good for your company – and for the planet.

Sanjay Brahmawar Sanjay Brahmawar

I truly believe that when you have a passion in life, you work as hard as you can to make it a success.

Software AG aside, my other passion is cycling. Technology has made a massive difference to my own personal performance, such as a lighter bike to allow for longer rides, or electronic gear shifting which increases accuracy and speed. Every technological change has combined to create a more integrated, connected cycling experience.

And this is what every business needs too – a more integrated and connected way of working. We all want our businesses to be successful and – above all – resilient. In an increasingly shrinking world, the connected enterprise model is the only way companies can stand out and thrive in such a fast-paced and competitive environment.

The Coronavirus pandemic rapidly accelerated the pace of digital transformation; with global spending on digital transformation up 10.4% in 2020 as a result. There are predictions that digitally transformed organizations are forecast to contribute to more than half of global GDP by 2023.

Connected enterprise trends

Software is the driving force behind digital transformation and connected enterprise solutions. It enables everything and everybody within an organization to work together, and offer customers bespoke experiences and anything-as-a-service. It is a key differentiator.

There are significant opportunities still available in the market. We know customers with more digital resilience outperform their peers. But many industries are only about 40% digitalized, leaving a 60% opportunity for our partners and customers to ideate together to deliver digital resilience.

I can confidently say that we at Software AG truly get it. It is our mission to enable you, our valued customers, to become a truly connected enterprise. We can help you make it across the river from one bank – where your business is today – to the other side and navigate all the obstacles and major decision-making dilemmas along the way.

We believe we have the pedigree, best technology and experience to make the digital transformation of your business a success because we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach – we focus on your business goals, what you are trying to deliver for your customers and to improve your customer experience.

Our solutions can work alongside your existing infrastructure, or they can replace it. We can help any enterprise by integrating and connecting everything to everything, ensuring they can instantly see, decide, act, and thrive.

Three pillars for a connected enterprise

I like to talk to customers about the three pillars of transforming into a connected enterprise.

  1. The first pillar is the connected customer experience, where self-service analytics enable companies to improve their overall performance, open up new business models, and new ways of working through innovation. Here we’re helping customers like Eppendorf make their long-term vision a reality: A new, ultra-modern, ultra-connected laboratory—a “Virtual Lab 4.0”—with robots vs. humans to automate and expedite manual tasks!
  2. The second pillar is digital business excellence, where truly connected means truly integrated infrastructure connecting all your business operations in real time, regardless of how complex your product portfolio or IT landscape is. That’s exactly what Airbus Defense and Space is doing to chart a new course, through digital transformation focused on a sustainable future. A state-of-the-art, simplified, end-user friendly, and digitalized infrastructure.
  3. The third pillar is what we call the ”ecosystem-driven economy” where truly connected means truly transformational, bringing data out of silos and into the hands of employees, customers and partners, creating greater agility within the business. Tractor Supply Co.—the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the United States is a great example here. With Software AG as its partner, it has deepened the integration within its ecosystem of suppliers and partners and expedited the flow of goods to distribution centers and stores to become a more agile business.
Pneumatics tech company achieves sustainability under pressure

A common thread running through these three pillars of the truly connected enterprise is predictive analysis, allowing customers to deploy, audit, integrate and execute predictive models with greater ease and at a lower cost.

Benefits of a connected enterprise

Not only can a connected enterprise strategy benefit your own company, but it is also for the greater good. Being truly connected is good for the planet because it leads to sustainable cities, mass industry innovation, affordable and clean energy, and responsible consumption to name a few. This is an issue that is only going to become more important as we join forces to preserve our world for future generations.

Your company will be part of a huge solution to the biggest threat facing humanity today – the survival of our very planet. We can all work together for a smarter tomorrow. Together we can change it for the better.

Find your passion for success by becoming truly connected!