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Develop and Deploy Your Apps Faster

Adabas & Natural users: You can benefit from DevOps tools to bring a continuous-deployment mindset to your most business-critical software.

Zvonimir Ivanetic Zvonimir Ivanetic

The recent growth of DevOps is one of the biggest trends in how companies design, develop and produce new applications.

DevOps accelerates the pace and quality of innovations delivered to customers both inside and outside the organization, improving operations and driving growth.

Today, I want to explore the ways Adabas & Natural users can benefit from DevOps tools to bring a continuous-deployment mindset to your organization’s most business-critical software — whether you’re working on the mainframe, or on any platform on-premises, in the cloud and with containers.

The growth of DevOps is a technology and cultural success story. Leading companies now embrace continuous integration, testing, delivery and deployment, enabled by improved collaboration tools and real-time monitoring and analytics of system performance. From a cultural perspective DevOps prioritizes small multidisciplinary teams, who work autonomously and take collective accountability for how actual users experience their software.

Software AG is committed to advancing in line with the technical aspects of DevOps while also bringing the cultural mindset to our Adabas & Natural customers. Download our DevOps for Adabas & Natural innovation sheet to learn more.

NaturalONE fully supports the DevOps approach and helps to manage generational change and to attract new talents. That is a primary reason NaturalONE has been the default development environment for Natural for nearly a year now. NaturalONE is an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that lets developer work in a modern ecosystem and manage the complete DevOps lifecycle – as well as code, test and maintain applications; expose Natural objects as services; and create Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and web interfaces.

With Eclipse-based NaturalONE it’s easy to integrate with your DevOps toolchain using interfaces to open-source and commercial DevOps tools covering all aspects in planning, coding, building, testing, deploying and operating applications—all in a more automated, iterative, controlled and transparent way.

Customers are telling us the benefits of NaturalONE and DevOps include:

• Responding faster to new and changing business requirements
• Achieving high-quality application code and changes
• Accelerating application deployment while increasing transparency
• Extending your DevOps ecosystem and strategy to include Adabas & Natural
• Preparing for a next-generation IT infrastructure (container and cloud)
• Overcoming silos between lines of business, IT development and operations
• Managing generational change and attracting new talents

Importantly you can bring DevOps to Adabas & Natural whether your applications run on the mainframe, in the cloud, on Linux, UNIX or Windows, in virtualized environments or in containers such as Docker – even in Kubernetes. We support the goal to speed quality and scalability of your apps regardless of how you deploy them.

If you want to learn how DevOps can improve your experience with Adabas & Natural I encourage you to click below. The benefits to your business and your IT culture are too great to ignore!