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Get into the Analytics Cockpit

Move over data scientists, business users want to get into the “production cockpit” and pilot their own analytics projects.

Edwin van Dijk Edwin van Dijk

Move over data scientists, business users want to get into the “production cockpit” and pilot their own analytics projects.

Traditionally, advanced analytics has been the realm of data scientists. But, today, advanced analytics needs to be more democratized so that all business users can be empowered to take control.

Subject matter experts in particular have a very good understanding of the data that is directly related to the production processes they are responsible for. By empowering them with self-service advanced analytics, process manufacturing companies have a better chance of remaining market leaders and sustaining future profitability. This is what we call putting them in control, by getting into the pilot’s seat of the cockpit.

Operational information can be provided in an analytics-driven “production cockpit” with live data and early warnings, resulting in a business environment of continuous improvement. In this way all users at each level in the organization – from control room to board room – can proactively contribute to business outcomes in areas such as energy reduction, waste reduction, quality control, yield and predictive maintenance.

Implementing self-service industrial analytics can enable engineers to get more robust and faster insights into their operational production data. It enables them to identify new areas for performance optimization with advanced root cause analysis capabilities, monitor production to avoid abnormal situations and even predict future evolutions of batch runs, transitions or equipment startups in minutes.

Ideally, all operational stakeholders would have a production cockpit, which is complete with an actionable dashboard, analytics suite, and agile communications facility. Users at each level of the organization can create and share complete and live overviews of their current process statuses and performances, enabling teams and individuals to immediately access production data, analyze situations at hand, and make decisions in an instant.

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