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Our World of Living Connections

Our new brand story conveys our dedication to making a world of living connections, through the marriage of the Internet of Things and hybrid integration.

Paz Macdonald Paz Macdonald

The importance of brand cannot be overstated; a brand defines a company’s core values and offers a guide to choosing the best, from the best.

Brand also has a clear and measurable link with the share price of your company; strong brands massively outperform stock market benchmarks in terms of shareholder returns.

At Software AG, our 50-year heritage, our reputation for quality and our commitment to customers have always defined our brand.   Although authentic, it is not distinctive or original enough in today’s competitive, ever-changing world – our brand needs to be a better reflection of our strengths.  

Therefore, we have redefined our brand to highlight our own unique transformation experience, our metamorphosis, to one that demonstrates the strength and power of who we are – and who we will be for the next 50 years.

The business imperative

Software AG has a long-standing heritage of German precision engineering, quality and customer focus. We began our technology journey in 1969, the same year that technology landed a man on the moon.  It was clear from that historic moment that software would forever change the world.

In those 50 years, technology has changed, grown, scaled, and embedded itself in our daily lives.  It is more tangible, more vital and impactful, more touchable than it has ever been – and it continues to create living connections for all of us.  At Software AG, we are committed to forging these sustainable living connections.

As a business-to-business software company, our work is often invisible to the average consumer – but that doesn’t lessen its impact.  We provide the infrastructure software that makes all your living connections possible – from your credit card transactions to the electricity powering your home.  

Living connections – our new story

Our new brand story reflects our place in this world of living connections. We help make your world a better place, connecting people, places, things and technology – making those living connections a reality.  Our software helps ensure the fluid flow of data so that living connections work – to give businesses, industries and humanity the power to instantly see, decide, act… and thrive.

We are there, working behind the scenes for you. When your water company turns up to fix a leak you didn’t know you had, it’s because Software AG’s technology helped spot that leak. When you notice that the air you breathe in London seems cleaner, it is because Software AG worked with partners and Transport for London to reduce emissions on London’s buses. Our technology makes sure your app-ordered coffee is ready for you on the counter when you walk into the coffee shop.  

Living connections. This is our new brand story – one that reflects a living connection that is active, healthy, growing and evolving over time. It is dynamic, agile and responsive, it embraces your environment and is inclusive of your partners and customers and systems. Just like Software AG.

We are the catalyst behind the living connections you know and love.  Get to know us better.