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IoT: Learn to speak the language

Visionary describes Cumulocity IoT. Ten years ago, we envisioned a truly connected world – that everything would be connected and communicating.

Bernd Gross Bernd Gross

Software AG has been named a “visionary” by industry analyst firm Gartner in in its “Magic Quadrant for Industrial IoT Platforms, Q2 2019.”

Why? Because of our capabilities to integrate machines and devices – capabilities so intuitive that some of our clients actually say that we “speak the language of their machines and their things.”

And I think that kind of describes it very nicely – with our deep knowledge of integrating to IoT devices, we have learned the “language” of machines and things – as in the Internet of Things. Whatever you have in mind, if you want to connect it we can very easily and effortlessly do that – like industrial pumps, machines, wind turbines, cars.

The reason we are a leader in in Gartner’s “Completeness of Vision” category in 2019, is thanks to our many years of experiences in the field – real-life IoT project experiences. We have almost 10 years of experience with very satisfied and happy clients – for both scalability and performance reasons – so that’s what I call robust technology.

Plus, we offer a modular suite, which is the very definition of flexibility. It starts with device management, and then the next layer is self-service streaming and time-series analytics. On top of analytics we offer hybrid integration as a modular capability extension. And then finally we have the innovation layer, with a microservices Kubernetes cluster. So the whole platform has grown into a very strong, competitive and feature-rich environment, which makes us one of the outstanding technologies out there.

Visionary is the right term. When we founded Cumulocity, ten years ago, we envisioned a truly connected world – that everything would be connected and communicating. We were thinking about hundreds of billions of devices, things connected that generate data and insights. We envisioned finding these insights and operationalizing them.  And that’s really what our technology is for.

A truly connected world requires IoT device integration. It requires horizontal integration towards enterprise IT as well as cloud – hybrid integration – as well as self-service analytics. And these three things together, for me, form the foundation to manage and master the challenge of a truly connected world.

That’s visionary.

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