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Hackathon: How OEE met IoT

Learn how a Cumulocity IoT OEE application enables smaller manufacturers & machine makers to use IoT on their machines, and measure OEE in near real time.

Jeremy Hill Jeremy Hill

There are many reasons to join or hold a hackathon – from learning opportunities to creating some disruptive innovation.

So, when a group of developers applied its thinking cap to some burning issues for smaller manufacturers and machine makers they came up with pure gold – a lightweight, inexpensive app for measuring overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

OEE is not new, but the developers wanted to figure out how to make it easier – and less expensive – for those organizations that cannot justify the cost and time involved with massive ERP-type OEE systems.

IoT connected devices

The hackathon group, comprised of both Software AG and ADAMOS, our strategic joint venture for mechanical and plant engineering, discovered that traditional OEE systems are also very customer specific. For different types of machine builders, the functional needs were different, and they wanted to see what kinds of apps could span across different types of machinery.

Stefan Sigg, CPO of Software AG, told Diginomica* that it was grassroots intelligence: “Well, you know, we all have the same problem… Would it be possible that an IoT platform could be the foundation of a configurable, even an out-of-the-box OEE experience for the smaller partners in the consortium?”

They wondered if an OEE solution could address 80% of the core needs, across industries and the remaining 20% be customized to address their specific machines.

The hackathon version wasn’t an app yet – it was an elevator pitch with a demo, said Diginomica, noting that few hackathon ideas ever get productized.

Cumulocity IoT platform

The hackathon elevator pitch is now the Cumulocity IoT OEE application, enabling smaller manufacturers and machine makers to use IoT on their machines, and measure OEE in near real time. They can easily reach a higher OEE score and streamline their manufacturing processes to get an immediate return.

It is inexpensive, fast and comprehensive. And you can quickly implement the OEE solution with QuickStart, where our consultants work alongside your team.

With this offer, you will use your hosted instance of Cumulocity IoT and configure:

  • Up to three machines of two different types in the OEE application
  • One production line containing defined machines with areas and sites defined as appropriate
  • One Apama EPL rule/Analytics Builder model to show pre-processing of inputs and one Apama rule/Analytics Builder model to show postprocessing of OEE results
  • One smart rule to react to OEE calculations.

At the end of this engagement, you will be able to use the Cumulocity IoT OEE application to measure, monitor and act on the availability, performance and quality of your production/ OEE manufacturing processes.

All thanks to a bunch of hackathoners.

To request a demo of the Cumulocity IoT OEE QuickStart Fast Track Service click below.

*To read the original article on Diginomica click here.