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IoT: The ultimate product experience

Try the Cumulocity IoT updated trial and kickstart your IoT journey – it will become exceedingly clear how IoT can change your entire business.

Lavie Sak Lavie Sak

Think about the first time you ever used an Internet of Things (IoT) solution. (If you never have, you’ve likely been saved from a confusing experience.)

Perhaps you used a platform with an outdated interface, or a platform that essentially threw you into the deep end of a swimming pool (with no lifejacket!). Experiences like these often lead to a misconception that IoT is complex.   

The truth is, IoT can be simple and accessible to all. This was the thought that built the foundation for Cumulocity IoT. Creating an accessible platform for users begins during the free trial stage, so we prioritized creating a user-friendly experience within Cumulocity IoT. 

When entering the Cumulocity IoT platform for the first time, you’ll be greeted with a brief overview and tour of the platform, followed by an introduction to Knowledge Hub, a center which makes it easier to connect devicesvisualize data, and more. The Knowledge Hub outlines the core features of the platform and provides use cases that show how other companies have had success with Cumulocity IoT. 

Users can easily access a resource library that contains video walk-throughs of the platform, case studies, developer content, and more. One of the most notable improvements to the product experience is the creation of new avenues to contact the Cumulocity IoT support and sales team, which makes getting help easier than ever. 

With a deeper understanding of who is using the platform, how you are using it, and what you need from us – we can better tailor content and deliver the best possible experience. The Cumulocity IoT updated trial kickstarts your IoT journey and makes it exceedingly clear how IoT can change your entire business.  

We make IoT simple by adding value at every touchpoint.  

Try Cumulocity IoT for free below and see how simple IoT can be.