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Creating the ultimate product experience

An exceptional product experience can make the difference between trying and loving a product during a free trial – or rejecting it.

Lavie Sak Lavie Sak

An exceptional product experience can make the difference between trying and loving a product during a free trial – or rejecting it.

Product experience (PX), often misunderstood and overlooked, is one of the most crucial elements of any product’s lifecycle. PX looks beyond the specific user experiences (UX) and is focused on adding value at every product touchpoint. A great PX makes product interactions seamless, memorable and most importantly, simple throughout the entire user journey.

IoT and PX

So, let’s talk about your product experience with an Internet of Things platform. IoT tends to have a reputation of being quite complex. This is compounded by many IoT platforms having antiquated digital experiences, leading to an air of inaccessibility.

There are many ways to combat this notion, but I want to focus on how PX can really lead the way in changing the perception and more importantly, helping you quickly and effectively build IoT solutions to meet all your use cases.

Having a stellar PX can help to shift complexity to simplicity – and inaccessibility to excitement. Let’s take for example an IoT platform’s trial experience. This is where you, as a prospective IoT user, are vetting not just the capabilities of an IoT platform but also the overarching potential for IoT to benefit your business.

You took the time to understand IoT – you are looking for more than just software, you are craving a solution. A lackluster PX would simply showcase the available tools, while an enhanced PX will embrace the need to educate and excite you. Our IoT platform, Cumulocity IoT, is a great example of the latter.

We wanted to build an amazing new experience for you to trial Cumulocity IoT, so we focused on adding elements like personalization, gamification, communication, walkthroughs and prebuilt solutions, to kickstart your IoT journey in the simplest and most rewarding way. The end goal is for you to uncover potential use cases, work with our world-class solutions team to explore how IoT can change your business.

We are big believers in making IoT simple and that starts with PX, in fact it’s our tagline. The new trial experience is only a small example of our focus on PX; we are growing this capability with more designers focused on improving the user experience. We want to grow the capability around PX and are confident that it will be a game changer to take IoT to the next level.

The new trial experience will be available early next year. In the meantime, to learn more about how Cumulocity IoT is leading the way with product experience, listen MachNation’s podcast on the importance of PX and Software AG’s investment in it.