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IoT with GPS Tracking: Powerful

What do you get when you put the Internet of Things together with GPS? (No, this is not a riddle!)

Baerbel Strothmann-Schmitt Baerbel Strothmann-Schmitt

What do you get when you put the Internet of Things together with GPS? (No, this is not a riddle!)

What you get is a powerful, enhanced tracking service that can be used for a variety of applications including: fleet management, personal car locating, people tracking, elderly patient monitoring, and pet recovery.

What it is called is Trackerando and it is powered by Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform. I asked Bodo Erken, CEO of Trackerando, to tell us more about it.

Mr. Erken, what, exactly, does Trackerando offer?

Bodo Erken: Trackerando offers a broad portfolio of different GPS tracking solutions for a wide variety of fields. There are many areas and applications—from fleet management to tracking objects, vehicles or people, from monitoring patients to locating pets. We’ve been working with Cumulocity IoT since 2015 and it has enabled us to bring our tracking technology to the next level.

You supported Software AG’s Innovation Tour back in 2018 with your presentations. Tell us more about your discussions there?

Bodo Erken: My presentations were on “Intelligent Tracking using Cumulocity IoT.” GPS is a tried-and-true system that was used primarily for locating and navigation in the past. When combined with the IoT, GPS tracking becomes smart, convenient and opens up unimagined possibilities.

What are the next developments in tracking that await us in the near future?

Bodo Erken: We’ve already successfully reached the first level in the area of tracking and can easily deliver data and alarms in real time to our customers on the questions of “WHERE and WHEN?” That’s very effective and has simplified processes in many industries while making them significantly more secure. To bring the technology to the second level, analytics comes into play. Trucks that are at risk of theft in big cities offer one example that highlights the types of applications where this function makes sense. Tracking is a powerful tool for preventing theft and locating stolen vehicles. Analytics functions enable us to use data from all the vehicles to generate heatmaps and make predictions. These could indicate, for example, that the theft risk for trucks in X City is especially high on Fridays between 4 PM and 6 PM in a certain neighborhood. Tracking will become increasingly smarter in the near future.

Which technologies do you think will have the biggest influence on humanity in the future?

Bodo Erken: IoT will play a bigger role in industry and our personal lives in the future. I’m firmly convinced that all information will be available in real time in a total connected world where everything is networked. Cumulocity IoT will become the new standard for the connected world.

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