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Connect, inform, innovate at IoT World

Software AG is the headline sponsor at IoT World this year, which runs from August 11-13th. At IoT World’s virtual 2020 conference you can see the Internet of Things in action.

Jon Weiss Jon Weiss

Talk to us about how Software AG is working with some of the best companies in the world to help them incorporate IoT into their strategy – streamlining operations, gathering data and optimizing business.

  • On August 11 at 0900 PT, Yasir Qureshi, Vice President, IoT Go-to-Market at Software AG, will deliver the keynote: Business as Unusual, Unlocking IoT’s Full Potential. He will discuss how the IoT has become more of an opportunity for businesses with the sudden shift in dynamic due to Covid-19 and address the challenges that have surfaced with the need for remote monitoring and working.
  • On August 11 at 1:00pm PT, Jonathan Weiss, Vice President, Emerging Technologies at Software AG will host a round table discussion: How the “work from home” environment is making technology more important than ever.
  • On August 12, at 0940 PT, Jonathan Weiss, Vice President, Emerging Technologies at Software AG will hold a panel discussion: Moving Beyond the Hype of AI, Edge and 5G – How the Convergence of Cutting Edge Technologies are Revolutionizing the IoT Landscape. The panel will focus on market trends including:
    • Artificial intelligence and analytics
    • Edge computing and the shift from cloud
    • The impact of 5G
    • Business during and after Covid-19.
  • Cumulocity IoT is proud to be on the IoT World Awards Shortlist 2020, the results of which will be announced at 3:00 – 4:00 pm on August 12. Fingers crossed!

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Come join us at IoT World and see why IoT Evolution World has recognized us as a winner of the 2020 IoT Product of the Year Award!