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When it comes to B2B Integration technology and partner management, you have to be careful what you chose to label as old, new, or out of date.

Charlie Greenberg Charlie Greenberg

When it comes to B2B Integration technology and partner management, you have to be careful what you choose to label as old, new, or out of date.

I recently heard someone advising EDI and supply chain specialists to be wary of employing out-of-date messaging standards.  Which is interesting, when you consider the now widely used ANSI X12 and Un/EDIFACT document standards that were first launched in the 1970s.

But that’s the thing with B2B standards, right?  Just when you think requirements for the long-in-the tooth, eBusiness standard RosettaNet are finally winding down, your favorite new F500 customer insists that you use it – or risk losing your status as a priority partner.

Then again, what about your partners, who don’t practice conventional EDI, nor support AS2, AS3 or AS4 protocols?  These are companies who have decided to become fundamentally dependent on APIs to ensure their ability to conduct daily partner document transmissions and meet service-level-agreements.

Conversely, when did Managed File Transfer (MFT) become the B2B integration solution of choice, desired by organizations who prefer a horizontal approach to accelerating flat-file delivery of partner and customer business documents from point A to point B?

And, of course there is the question of how do you deploy the next-best B2B integration solution: on-premises – or in the cloud?

All this is leading to an invitation. Join me for a Software AG webinar to discuss these issues and more. I will address important topics such as:

  • Quick partner on-boarding
    • The largest available EDI standards and transport library
    • Flexible document translations
    • How B2B integration leverages real-time, enterprise hybrid integration
    • SaaS-based partner management ( B2B )
    • Managed File Transfer (webMethods ActiveTransfer)
    • Customer successes

You can register for the May 13th webinar, “How webMethods B2B Integration Drives Business,” by clicking here for the 8:00am ET presentation, or here for the same day presentation at 2:00pm ET.

I will be presenting.