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When operational excellence gets punched  

Advancing operational excellence throughout a changing landscape means you will find it easier to avoid a punch in the face – and keep standing.

Dr. Helge Hess Dr. Helge Hess

Boxing legend Mike Tyson said it best: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” 

All your best intentions and careful planning can’t prepare you for the occasional hit in the face that gets past your guard. The same is true for operational excellence in your business. Even after prime conditioning, “strength training” and constant reps to withstand the hardest hit, honestly unforeseen variables can change the game. 

Change is the game 

You can strategize all you want to try and avoid too much change to your business model or processes, but in the end that might be your undoing. You’ll end up going backwards instead of forwards. In this dynamic market of rapid change, the reality is you’ll be left behind as your competitors – and technological advancements – race ahead of you. 

Change is an integral part of today’s business, and it’s no longer possible to plan and optimize operational excellence without an accurate take on reality.  

You can start by identifying the patterns in your business that result in: 

  • High manual effort
  • Longer lead times
  • More dissatisfied customers

Then discover newer ways to improve these processes that are key for your organization – depending upon your positioning and business model, e.g.:

  • Innovation (idea-to-product)
  • Customer service (issue-to-resolution)
  • Order processing (order-to-cash)

This gives you an easy process-transformation knockout, winning the match!  

Advancing operational excellence throughout an ever-changing landscape means it will be a bit easier for you to avoid a punch in the face – and keep standing. 

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