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How our partners can be more like Michelangelo

Learn how Software AG provides its partners with free, certified continuous training with the introduction of Solution Badges on September 6th.

Sven Roeleven Sven Roeleven

As Michelangelo said, at age 87, “I am still learning,” Software AG also believes continuous learning is critical. So, to help you, our partners, serve our joint customers optimally, we are offering free, certified continuous training.

Imagine educating yourself about Software AG solutions and products of your choice, and then receiving acknowledgement for your achievements. What if you could share your certified achievements and proven skills with customers and your broader ecosystem on social media?

You would distinguish yourself from the competition as a continuous learner who is on top of the latest trends in technologies and industries. And, in this socially distanced, digital world, you would have a simple way to enhance your personal brand and reputation.

Solution Badges 

Well that day has come! Starting on the 6th of September, Solution Badges, in addition to Product Badges, are being made available for partners free of charge. Invest in yourself in three categories: “IoT & Analytics,” API, I“ntegration & Microservices,” and “Business Transformation.”

Build your brand, boost your confidence, and promote your business or product knowledge. You can work smarter than the competition and show them what you’re capable of – all with our help. Click below to get started!