SAG_Twitter_social-banner_process-management_880x440px_Sep21Process mining is one of the fastest growing markets in the IT industry.

It promises direct benefits on the path to operational excellence, a goal that every organization is striving for today.

Below are our key articles from last year that explain the basics of process mining, as well as the different areas of application and future developments.

1     Take transparency to the next level with process mining

Process mining has unlocked the capabilities to take transparency to the next level by adding the business process context.

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Caspar Jans

2     Ready to embed process mining into your organization’s DNA? Start smart!

In this article, you will learn how to start smart into your journey to embed process mining into the DNA of your organization.

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Julian Krumeich


In this episode of the What's Your Baseline podcast, we discuss the history and future of process mining, and what functionality to look for when selecting your process mining tool.

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J-M Erlendson, Roland Woldt, Julian Krumeich

4    Why process mining has reached the ‘must-have’ tipping point
Discover why process mining has become a “must-have” for process analysis and optimization.

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Helge Hess

5     Keep an eye on compliance with process mining

How to use process mining to ensure your organization meets all business obligations – with consistent risk and compliance management.

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Julian Krumeich

6   Why process mining is just the beginning

Discover the numerous extensions of process mining that form the new “enterprise mining” approach.

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Helge Hess

7   How do you make hyperautomation a success?

As hyperautomation becomes one of the top trends for 2022 and beyond, your organization must be prepared to get the most out of automation initiatives.

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Helge Hess

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