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Put Streaming Analytics into Domain Experts’ Hands

Introducing Apama Analytics Builder. Apama Analytics Builder is a product of Software AG’s unique, industry-led approach to IoT development.

Rob Jones Rob Jones

With the proliferation of the Internet of Things, there is increasing demand for streaming analytics to improve the efficiency, quality and awareness of potential problems that may arise on a manufacturing shop floor.

The people that understand their business the best, especially domain experts and engineers, want to both benefit from and be in direct control of their IoT streaming analytics – without involving their IT department. Empowering the domain experts by providing appropriate tooling is a challenge for the entire Industrial IoT industry. At Software AG we have embraced this challenge: Introducing Apama Analytics Builder. Analytics Builder is a product of Software AG’s unique, industry-led approach to IoT development.

Apama Analytics Builder gives engineers and other domain experts working anywhere on the IoT edge a web-based drag-and-drop capability to develop analytic applications on streaming data. They can test their applications with simulated or live data, and deploy them immediately with a single click for real-time processing of machine data and events.

The market requirement for empowering the domain expert was identified by Dürr AG, a member of the Manufacturing Industry joint venture consortium ADAMOS, and developed by Software AG. It was rolled out over the ADAMOS IoT platform and is already in production with end customers – all in a matter of months. You can watch a video of Durr’s EcoScreen Equipment Analytics application here.

Nico Koch, Manager, Digital Factory at Dürr: said “I can really feel the enthusiasm of the customers when we are presenting this product. With Analytics Builder we will push forward the digitalization on the shop floor tremendously.”

Apama Analytics Builder has a graphical user interface for non-coders to take advantage of streaming analytics. It allows operators to quickly build and deploy analytical models using a comprehensive library of pre-built analytic blocks. With a drag-and-drop, free-form, web-based editor and the capability to manage deployment and simulation, real-time analytical applications can be developed when and where needed. Analytics Builder models can also be easily exported for use throughout the organization.

Apama Analytics Builder is available through Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT Edge.