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See you at Utility Week Live Online

Join us on November 25th & 26th at Utility Week Live Online to see how you can make your utility more efficient, resilient and – above all – safe.

Rik Gunderson Rik Gunderson

In the face of enormous change, how do you make your utility more efficient, resilient and – above all – safe, while ensuring that productivity remains high?

Join us on November 25th & 26th at Utility Week Live Online’s three-day event to find out.  

Our first activity, in the morning on November 25th, will be a 10-minute case study about connecting and protecting your workforce in the face of Covid-19. Bart Schouw, Chief Evangelist for Software AG will tell you how an IoT-based smart social distancing solution enables your company’s employees to return to work, while ensuring their ongoing safety and productivity.

Live panel discussion

There will be a live panel discussion following the case study presentations, where you will hear the results of an audience poll asking what the greatest challenges are with workforce productivity and safety.

The next day, at 1130 UK time, we will take a 20-minute deep dive into smart social distancing with a session presented by Bart Schouw. He will share examples of how a smart social distancing solution works in practice, explaining how on-site workers wear a RFID-enabled lanyard which provides an audible alert when too near others. And he will demonstrate a portal that provides managers with additional feedback – to determine when and where workers come into too-close contact.

The app also provides an immediate track and trace capability in case of an infection – so any other employee who had been close to the infected person is alerted to be tested and quarantined. This end-to-end solution from Software AG includes the hardware and the software to deploy rapidly in any environment. The presentation will be followed by a live Q&A.

At UWLO, product development showcases, discussions, workshops and training sessions over the three-day event will focus on innovation and operational excellence to provide the foundation for addressing today’s challenging issues.

Click below to learn more about our smart social distancing solution before attending.