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Technology can help deflect risks to sustainability

Sustainability is a crucial pillar for a truly connected enterprise. Read how Software AG’s technology helps customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Dr. Benno Quade Dr. Benno Quade

In the movie Armageddon, when NASA learned there were only 18 days before a massive asteroid would destroy all life on Earth, it chose Bruce Willis (as Harry) to lead a mission to save the world.

Against all odds, and plenty of setbacks, Willis’ team deflected the asteroid and the world survived. In real life, the greatest hazard to the planet is global warming. Caused by increasing greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels and overuse of our dwindling resources, global warming imperils Earth’s very survival.

According to The Climate Clock, a website powered by scientists, artists and activists around the world, global warming must be contained to less than 1.5 degrees C for the planet to stand any chance of survival. To stay under the 1.5-degree limit, we must achieve net-zero carbon emissions in less than seven years. We have just seven years left to ensure the planet is preserved for future generations and to build a renewable future. Seven!

Technology for a sustainable future

This seven-year deadline has forced a concerted effort on a worldwide scale, and the issue of sustainability has rocketed to the top of most corporate agendas.

In our industry especially, we can make a difference. Technology is a critical tool in establishing a more sustainable future, and it is the common denominator in making every organization, city, home and country smarter and greener. According to one report, digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), IoT and data analytics, to name a few, could help to cut 20% of global CO2 emissions by 2030.

Sustainability by using technology is one of the pillars for a truly connected enterprise. In our ever-more complex and changing environment, AI, machine learning, process analytics and predictive analytics are the new table stakes. These burgeoning capabilities will define the next generation of software, allowing our customers to seamlessly deploy, audit, integrate and execute predictive models with less effort and realize a much lower deployment of resources. In the book The Green New Deal, author Jeremy Rifkin goes so far as to predict a renewable energy “Internet” that, when managed by data and analytics, will autonomously manage renewable energy supplies – much the same way as we share news on today’s Internet.

Beyond business and commerce, a truly connected society can positively shape humanity and help transform our future for a smarter tomorrow. It’s about connecting data, applications, and devices with an emphasis on sustainable and secure cities, affordable and clean energy, responsible consumption, innovation, and a recycling economy.

Truly connected also means truly purpose-driven regarding the critical issues for our planet. At Software AG, we have started our work with a worldwide collaborative network: renowned universities and research institutes, enterprises, government institutions and customers. Together, we’re exploring new sustainability technologies that may benefit the planet. We are committed to supporting the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which provide a broad agenda that includes actions to fight for clean water, clean energy, and sustainable cities.

Achieving sustainable goals for water

So how is Software AG helping our customers achieve their own sustainability goals? Actions and results, of course, speak louder than words.

Australia, the driest inhabited continent on earth, has more than 140 water authorities that serve 25 million people and keep 135,000 farms irrigated. It’s tough for these authorities to balance the efficient supply of clean water while minimizing leaks, managing demand and controlling costs.

That’s why many of Australia’s water authorities have turned to consultancy Nucleus3 for, an end-to-end water management solution combining three Software AG products: Cumulocity IoT for device management and streaming analytics, TrendMiner for time-series analysis of utility data and webMethods to integrate everything.

Together, Software AG and Nucleus3 lower water management costs for Australian water utilities, help reduce leaks, spills and discharges and enable consumers to understand their water usage.

This is just one example of how Software AG’s innovative technology makes a real difference to the environment both in terms of carbon emissions and waste reduction.

A truly connected enterprise strategy enables faster, easier interactions at scale, the ability to positively affect people’s lives and make real changes that create a less wasteful, safer, more humane and healthier planet.

Unlike Bruce Willis’s character Harry, we aren’t battling an asteroid. We are like Harry in that the future of our world is in our hands. We need to harness the power of technologies that are ever evolving. We will keep innovating and connecting and find new technologies to tackle our most critical problems to ensure a future for generations to come.

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