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Why a summer of discontent is likely to spark a wave of retail innovation

I was alerted to something today which perhaps will come to symbolize the somewhat flaky (sorry) nature of supply chains right now. For the second year in a row, Cadbury 99 Flakes, a UK staple for dessert, are going to…
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    Why retail is more uncertain than ever 

    Just as you thought things were going to get better after the Covid-19 pandemic, it appears that they’re about to get a whole lot worse.   Inflation, skyrocketing energy prices, the cost-of-living crisis, global supply chain issues, food shortages and the…
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    World Day for Safety and Health at Work

    The annual UN World Day for Safety and Health at Work was created to help call attention to preventing accidents and diseases at work. And nowhere is this more relevant than in the retail sector. Ordinarily, you would not think…
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    Shoptalk 2022: Retail’s Big Reunion

    This year’s Shoptalk was one of the first big retail shows to come back in real life after a two-year hiatus. Shoptalk brings people together (over 10,000 of them) from around the world and is a key fixture in the…
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  • Integration & APIs

    Agile data can leap silo barriers

    Supply chain visibility is critical in the retail industry, but retailers must first leap the single biggest technology challenge they face – siloed data. Global supply chain challenges today have made it important to have visibility and flexibility, so retailers…
    Oliver Banks Oliver Banks
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    Sustainability is the top trend for retail in 2022

    In 2022, retailers will be more proactive in gaining customers’ confidence and business. Proving sustainability will be a top priority, as will finding ways to solve supply chain issues. Plus, there will be new competition from manufacturers will seek to learn…
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  • IoT

    Thoughts on Sainsbury’s ‘Just Walk Out’ London store

    When Amazon announced cashier-free stores in 2016, I marveled at its Just Walk Out technology with IoT-enabled sensors. I also fully expected that Amazon would eventually offer the technology as a white-labeled service to other retailers. At the same time, I was also very…
    Oliver Guy Oliver Guy
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    How to avoid a bleak Black Friday

    The crescendo to the retail year now starts in late October, thanks to the retail industry positioning big shopping days such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Singles Day within a month of Christmas. Offering multiple instances of the heaviest shopping days within a short…
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  • Integration & APIs

    The new age of retail: Integrate everything everywhere

    My first job in retail was in 1979 when I got a job as the “hardware storeman” at Beales of Bournemouth. I used to spend my days accepting deliveries of all sorts of things; from Star Wars™ Darth Vader toys…
    Andrew Busby Andrew Busby
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    Celebrate National Techies Day

    The “star" status attained by several prominent technology experts - from Elon Musk to Tim Cook - is attracting more and more young people to careers in technology. On National Techies Day, I’d like to tell you a story of how…
    Philip Hooker Philip Hooker
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    conXion 2021: Geoffrey Moore speaks

    The biggest mistake you can make in a truly connected world is to be disconnected. But transforming your organization to compete in an increasingly digital-born marketplace is a daunting task. At conXion 2021 (October 5-7), Geoffrey Moore, the world-famous organizational theorist and author, will…
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