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Visibility is key to Tesco’s success

See why Tesco chose ARIS to deliver an integrated view of end-to-end processes, and create a business operating model to hypercharge efficiency.

Oliver Guy Oliver Guy

The retail industry is under enormous competitive pressure; Margins are down, and consumer appetite for digital and contactless ways of shopping has radically increased.

So, when market conditions change, retailers like multinational grocery retailer Tesco must change with them.

Jason Dietz, Head of Process Architecture and Capability for Tesco Global, said: “Our competition can change their business overnight. It was important that we have a clear decision-making process to become leaner and fitter – that was the mantra.”

Tesco knew it had to be agile, but process visibility was an issue. Tesco was constantly finding gaps and holes in its processes – many documented by Post-it notes, SharePoint and Excel spreadsheets.

Without process visibility, Tesco could not make its customer experience (CX) consistent, and its decision-making ability would remain hampered by a lack of transparency.

So, Tesco’s Process Architecture team kicked off a massive enterprise resource planning (ERP) project as part of its Global Finance Transformation Program (GFTP). The team also identified that Tesco needed to reinvent its Service Model architecture to create a single source of truth for process design and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Partners in agility

For this project, Tesco chose Software AG’s ARIS to deliver an integrated view of its end-to-end processes, allowing it to create a business operating model that would hypercharge its efficiency. Tesco would gain complete visibility and control of its processes worldwide, offering transparency across stores, supplies, pricing, promotions – reducing risk and costs.

After the successful deployment of ARIS in the cloud for GFTP, Tesco expanded its use of ARIS into human resources and, in 2019, selected ARIS as the de-facto enterprise management system (EMS) for its global Service Model transformation, adding ARIS Risk & Compliance Management and Task Mining using Robotic Process Discovery (RPD) with partner Kryon.

ARIS was deployed extensively, driven by the small Process Architecture team who finished the configuration in just four months.

Customers at the heart

Today, Tesco has built an extremely impressive ARIS global process platform that is quickly evolving to give full end-to-end visibility and management of the enterprise. Tesco is expanding this to store-operations level to ensure a consistent and efficient customer experience.

Software AG is proud to have partnered with Tesco achieve its goal with ARIS.

You can watch the video with Tesco here.

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