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We are STILL Leading Edge in IoT!

For the second year running Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT has been named a “Leader” in MachNation’s 2019 IoT Edge Scorecard report.

Jeremy Hill Jeremy Hill

The rapid maturity of edge computing is creating a new era of IoT architectures.

These are distributed, have much faster response times and analyze far greater data volumes, but still have the easy-to-design, develop and deploy philosophy of their cloud and hybrid IoT platform siblings. 

It is in this environment that we are honored to be named a “Leader” for two years in a row (since it began!) in MachNation’s 2019 IoT Edge Scorecard report, besting many of the biggest players in the field.

MachNation, a pioneer of detailed independent technology assessments in the IoT market, positions Cumulocity IoT as “market ready” indicating the consultants consider us “fully-featured” and “complete” for Edge Data Processing Capabilities and Edge Manageability respectively.

Because of IoT, edge computing is one of the fastest-growing IT markets.  “Most IoT solutions in verticals such as manufacturing, commercial transportation, building automation and logistics will be required to leverage edge computing in order to meet business and operational requirements,” said MachNation.

MachNation praises the inclusion of our “market-leading” Apama streaming analytics engine within the platform. It said: “The integration of Apama into Cumulocity IoT is a key differentiator for Software AG … which provides a common streaming analytics execution environment throughout the IoT stack.”

It also lauded our rapid industrial device integration (Cloud Fieldbus) and secure data sharing Data Broker capability, plus it classed us as “fully featured” and “software focused.”

We are delighted that MachNation has recognized Cumulocity IoT Edge as being a Leading IoT Edge platform. Cumulocity IoT is a fully distributed platform which scales from global carrier-grade deployments down to resource restricted single server edge variants – all using the same code base, so code written in the cloud can be used at the edge.

This recognition is a testament to our customer-led development approach and our deep industrial IoT expertise through the ADAMOS alliance.

Be at the edge—not on it – with edge leader Cumulocity IoT!