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Weifu keeps diesel engine economy running

Thanks to ARIS, Weifu High Technology Group now has integrated controls and rules, and can keep diesel engines running.

Elke Bastian Elke Bastian

Diesel engines remain the number one preference for agricultural vehicles, manufacturing plants, the military, trains and ships.

They are more efficient than gasoline engines, providing better fuel economy, and have a longer life span. One of the core components of a diesel fuel supply system in an engine or generator is the injection pump. It is considered the “heart” of the engine. If it were to fail, the engine would not work.

Weifu High Technology Group, headquartered in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fuel injection pumps for diesel engines. The components Weifu makes are critical to the diesel engine market worldwide, and it serves some of the world’s largest car manufacturers.

So, when Covid-19 hit, Weifu found itself facing some heavy challenges as social distancing logistics seriously affected the supply of raw materials and components and hampered product sales.

Investigating the bottlenecks

The manufacturer’s customer relationship management platform was unable to handle the volume of requests and orders, and the company wanted to know why. Its investigation revealed a problem: Weifu had a lot of systems with a lot of business processes, but it was not able to control and monitor them with the product it was using – Microsoft Visio. Weifu needed to find out what was slowing down its customer processes and where the bottleneck was – and fast.

Weifu knew it needed a platform to host its business processes where it could also model and monitor them. It knew that if it didn’t do this, the recommendations of the consulting projects could not be implemented.

After some investigation, Weifu discovered that ARIS is the only product that could start process modeling, mining and monitoring quickly. First, it wanted visibility of the processes, then it wanted to mine them to find out where the problem was.

Job well done

Once Weifu company completed the installation of the ARIS process management platform, it established a unified process modeling specification, integrated various management elements, and formed an integrated and visual process management model. It is now using ARIS in the process department and almost every new process from the consulting project will be managed with ARIS Business Process Analysis (BPA). The next step in 2021 is expanding ARIS to every subsidiary of Weifu. It will also select one subsidiary to effect complete end-to-end process mining in 2021.

Miss Gu Huixi, the IT planning Manager of Weifu, concluded: “Weifu established its HR information system process portal, then optimized, reformed and built more than 100 processes with ARIS. ARIS is the solution we need and in the future we will expand it to the whole group, extending process performance and process mining of end-to-end processes through ARIS Process Mining.”

Thanks to ARIS, Weifu now has integrated controls and rules, and has formed an integrated and visual process management model. Weifu can see what is slowing it down and fix it before the customers even notice. It can help manufacturers keep diesel engines – and the economy – running smoothly.