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What’s in Store for Technology?

Aging populations, increased regulation, the “experience generation” – join us on 16th October at Innovation Tour UK to learn what the future holds.

Joanne Taylor Joanne Taylor

Aging populations, increased regulation and the “experience generation” are combining to weave a new fabric for humanity going forward. What does this mean for the future of technology?

There is one way to find out: Join us at the Park Plaza Victoria in London on 16th October for our Innovation Tour UK 2019 to learn what the future holds – and what you can do about it.

There, Bart Schouw – our Chief Evangelist, CTO Office at Software AG – will discuss the three top megatrends in the technology industry today.

Here is a taster of what’s in store:

  1. Aging. GDP is going down the drain as elder-care requires more and more manpower and financial support. We will need extreme automation to survive as a society.
  2. Control & regulation. As disruption and uncertainty increase, organizations and governments will see the need for real-time responses. This means advanced analytics and a predominance of algorithms.
  3. “Experience generation.” Younger generations value experience above possessions – they will rent, not buy, and subscribe, not own. This shift in habits throws a major strain on organizations’ back-office technologies – requiring extreme integration. Think API economy, microservices, blockchain.

At our Innovation Tour UK 2019, another highlight will include a keynote from Danielle Hernandez, Digital Transformation Analyst with IDC, who will share her insight on how digital transformation affects us all. As you can see, the future is here and learning how to deal with it now is critical.

This interactive day of presentations and demonstrations will showcase the key innovations that are at the forefront of the software industry. The one-day event will feature three tracks: Innovation & APIs, IoT & Analytics and Business Transformation. We will offer break-out sessions where our executives and customers discuss use cases including using Software AG Cloud to build MVPs in minutes and how process excellence saved them money.

In Meet the Experts, you can book a session with one of our highly experienced Professional Services product experts, who will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to network with your colleagues and competitors from a number of industries – and us – to learn more about how Software AG offers you Freedom as a Service!

Speed, focus and scalability – delivered with the freedom to integrate and innovate anything, anywhere, any way you choose. That’s what Software AG is all about.