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With Microsoft, the Sky’s the Limit

We have partnered with Microsoft to offer a powerful new solution: Software AG’s new Cloud Migration Accelerator.

Mike Saxton Mike Saxton

Cloud migrations often involve a complex journey, challenging IT teams to move (or replace) on-premises technology to the cloud, while ensuring that ongoing business operations run smoothly.

This is why we have partnered with Microsoft to offer a powerful new solution: Software AG’s new Cloud Migration Accelerator.

Based on our Integration platform, Cloud Migration Accelerator allows enterprises to connect to applications, cloud services and data faster and more easily than ever before, providing a seamless path to a truly connected ecosystem.  It enables customers to accelerate and simplify migration to Microsoft Azure – while ensuring business continuity.

Walgreens Boots Alliance used webMethods to remain connected to existing integrated solutions and business processes, while some IT components moved to the cloud and others remained on-premises.

Anthony Roberts, CIO of Walgreens Boots Alliance, said: “We recently embarked on a cloud migration journey which put 70% of our current IT footprint on Microsoft Azure while 30% of our IT remains on-premises.  webMethods safeguards our most important IT assets during the complex migration process.”

Enterprises eager to migrate to Microsoft Azure will benefit from webMethods technology that serves as the critical connective tissue, allowing easy and fast access to applications, cloud services and data during the migration process.  

Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business at Microsoft Corporation added: “Most large cloud migrations face the challenge of ensuring business continuity while the IT landscape changes at the same time. Software AG’s webMethods gives enterprises the opportunity to create a smooth migration path to the cloud and immediately capitalize on the benefits of Microsoft Azure.”

The Cloud Migration Accelerator based on is immediately available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace as a SaaS offering. Customers will not only be able to accelerate migration, but can also spark innovation and turn data into real value as they safeguard their most important IT assets.

The sky’s the limit!