Yes, Integrate! But Pick the Right Architecture

By all means, integrate! But make sure you choose the right architecture.

Charlie Greenberg Charlie Greenberg

Maybe not everyone in IT has noticed, but we reached the stage long ago where the very first conversation is no longer about the technical specifications for a new business application.

Nor is it about the detailed capabilities of a new BI tool, or the benefits of implementing an IoT device.

Increasingly, enterprise architects are insisting that the conversation starts with integration.  After all, without a solid plan for enterprise or project-based integration, the value and effectiveness of existing and new solutions is undermined by unwanted information silos.

Conversely, that first integration conversation needs to quickly move beyond tactical connectivity and become one about understanding the architectural model that best fits a company’s integration development requirements.

For our next DevCast webinar on June 20, Rob Tiberio, our webMethods Chief Architect, describes the latest trends in integration architectures, an exploration of the drivers behind these changes, providing an easy to understand overview of how to design and adopt the right Integration models for today’s Integration projects.

Based on hundreds of interactions with customers and industry leaders, Mr. Tiberio shares his insights on topics from microservices, containerization and orchestration, and cloud ecosystems, as well as distributed integration architectures.

Rob’s presentation, “Next Generation Architectures for Modern and Agile Integration Projects,” provides a current overview of the latest architectural enhancements provided by webMethods Integration.

Don’t miss this trip through the webMethods Integration timeline and learn how you can adopt the right approach for your integration projects.

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