SAG_Twitter_Modeling_the_Factory_Apr17_v2.jpgHow do you demonstrate a complete end-to-end manufacturing process consisting of business processes, risk management and use of the Internet of Things (IoT)?

This was the question we grappled with in the run-up to CeBIT 2017, the world’s biggest IT exhibition. The answer lay in a unique collaboration between Software AG, Lego® and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).

Together we created a ne-of-a-kind manufacturing process model, the Lego® Smart Factory, which we showcased at CeBIT and will soon be showing off at the Hannover Messe trade fair on April 24-28.

The Lego® Smart Factory’s value chain is planned using our ARIS 10, business process analysis platform, and executed with either our webMethods integration technology or the DFKI’s research prototype RefMod-Miner. Workers are assisted by ARIS Mobile and the progress is monitored with Software AG’s Performance Process Manager (PPM). The loop is closed by visualizing the measured KPIs with ARIS Aware in ARIS Connect.

The result? Complex nexuses managed successfully with a clear methodical approach!

The Showcase in Detail

The demo we presented at CeBIT 2017 covered the complete end-to-end process of a tractor manufacturer, from customer acquisition and individual order, to tractor production, final distribution and billing. The entire business process management life cycle is fully supported by ARIS and Software AG's Digital Business Platform (DBP).

Digital transformation requires a well-planned strategy – a strategy that is designed with ARIS. It is essential to know what the organization, data, and business processes look like in order to derive the most value.

The complete end-to-end scenario, including all relevant business processes such as sales order processing, production planning and assembly, as well as the billing and delivery, is modeled in ARIS. Our new method for IoT modeling in ARIS 10 allows you to cover the necessary technical resources and connect them to the business processes they are used in.

And don’t forget risk and compliance must be included into your business landscape in ARIS and operationally addressed using ARIS Risk & Compliance Manager (ARCM).

In the Lego® Smart Factory we demonstrate a production line built of Lego® bricks which assembles tractors out of other bricks based on the underlying process models from ARIS. The process includes a manual production step, where an employee has to assemble the exhaust. ARIS Mobile assists the assembler at this step – he simply scans a code with his mobile device at the working station and gets a video instruction on what to do. All necessary information comes directly from the ARIS repository.

The entire assembly process is monitored by ARIS PPM based on event logs produced by the execution engine. The real behavior of the process is mined and presented as a business process model (process mining, process discovery) – and separate variants with specific characteristics are automatically derived as well. Additional details on single instances, error rates, throughput times, material costs and revenue are analyzed.

The loop is closed by providing all relevant KPIs as well as the derived function flows in ARIS Connect with ARIS Aware in the context of the originally planned process. This allows a business user to analyze differences between as-is and to-be, to analyze the fulfillment of business goals and to identify potential optimizations of the business processes. The measured business processes can be transferred to the ARIS repository, they can be adapted and simulated with different parameter settings in order to identify bottlenecks and generate best practices!

Sound complicated? It’s not. Come and see us demonstrate the Lego® Smart Factory at Hannover Messe!




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