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Myth or fact? Understanding IIoT

5G, hybrid cloud, edge computing, data sovereignty - the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can sound like a baffling...

2020 IoT trends that ring true in 2021

When you think of 2020, what springs to mind? Lockdowns, social distancing, empty shelves, online shopping, companies going...

IT called the shots in 2020

IT departments made most of the tech decisions in 2020 and customers were the largest beneficiaries, in a year of...

The spider economy and technology innovation

Large technology companies are growing larger by copying or gobbling up innovative predators. I call this the “spider...

Three steps to business resilience

When events threaten to disrupt your company’s future, building resilience into your business becomes a top priority.

Four steps to digital resilience

There are many lessons to be learned from the pandemic, but the main one is “be prepared for the next crisis;” here are four...

Liberate industrial automation

True or false? Automation is expensive, time-consuming and complicated. False! New technology makes it increasingly fast,...

Because Safety and Continuity are Everything

At times like these, it’s inspiring to see how people are banding together to tackle this crisis and limit its impact.

Healing the Fracture Points in your Business

I hope everyone is safe and healthy in these turbulent times. I know it’s not easy and all of us, including me, need to...

Empowering Freedom in a Truly Connected World

A truly connected world is all about connecting the physical world and the virtual world via the Internet of Things.


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