buildingDuring these uncertain times, technology has played a pivotal role in supporting our ability to keep safe while remaining connected to one another.

But the current situation has also exposed a harsh reality - too many businesses were found to be only at the beginning of their digitalization journey, with no ability to take advantage of their data. Why is this important?

Because if you are unable to leverage your data, you may be exposed to circumstances and situations for which you are unprepared. You will have little resilience built into existing plans and models, which may break under the current business pressures.

What if you could prepare for disruptive situations in the future, while dealing with the realities of now? What if you could create new and innovative revenue streams, even as the old ones fail?

We believe you can. At Software AG, we have assembled the foundation for the digital economy, with a platform that connects the world and provides leading businesses with the ability to rise up to the unknown.

And, we have organized a virtual event where you’ll learn how to build for tomorrow – with advice from industry experts who will provide an overview of how to jumpstart or advance your digital strategy now.

Here are six ways we can help you build for tomorrow:

  • Using IoT to remotely monitor and control assets and devices
  • Maintaining social distancing, while remaining connected with IoT
  • Architecting virtual customer experiences
  • Adopting a microservices architecture for self-managing connectivity
  • Improving process management through collaborative design workspaces
  • IT response and resiliency for critical business situations

You will leave with actionable learnings based on these use cases and more. We are bringing together our customers, industry expertise, and the best resources to help you better navigate the days ahead.

Register for the webinar by clicking below.

We hope to see you there!

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